The Traveling Sisterhood: February 2014

Sunday, February 9

Nutrisystem and Ufit: Perfect Combo, Amazing, and Gets Results! #NSNation

I started using both Nutrisystem and Ufit about one month ago when I started my healthy-eating regimen.  The pair go together perfectly!  My tummy is noticeably flat and so many of my clothes look beautifully on me that I couldn't even fit into at the beginning of the year. My hubby is a bit disappointed, though.  He liked to squeeze my tummy and he can't find anything to squeeze anymore.  Oh, well.  ;) But like I said, along with beginning the Ufit workouts I also began eating right--my Nutrisystem meals, fruits, veggies, a balanced diet, small portions 6 times a day, and drinking water almost exclusively (no more soda!). After only one week, I had results.  I was totally impressed!  Now a little more than a month later, I'm back to the weight I was before I ever had kids (and I've had 4 of them!)  Nutrisystem is going to send me a super cute teddy bear b/c I've met my goal.  How encouraging is that?! 

As far as the DVDs go, besides the results, I like Cindy Whitmarsh's personality. She's a nice instructor and actually does the workouts (I don't go for the trainers who yell at you and don't do the workouts themselves--ahem, Jillian Michaels). The workouts are only 20 minutes--a time slot that can easily fit into anyone's day.

And I get to give away a set to one of my readers!  Yay!  Commend below by 2/18 at 11 pm anyone's time. I'll choose a winner soon after.

I love working out from the comfort of my own home. What's your favorite way to workout? 

Back to my pre-baby weight!--and I've had 4 babies!
 Special thanks to the wonderful people at Nutrisystem and Ufit for giving me this review opportunity!  All opinions are completely my own.