The Traveling Sisterhood: Moulin Roty Castle Shadows... Enchanting Nighttime Shadow Puppets!

Friday, March 7

Moulin Roty Castle Shadows... Enchanting Nighttime Shadow Puppets!

The Theatre
Bedtime stories may never be the same thanks to Moulin Roty, the 40-year-old French toy company, that is "casting a light" on its Les Petit Merveilles line of Nighttime Shadow Puppets. Instead of reading from a storybook, we spent the evening making up fairy tales with our new Shadow Puppets.  They come in a variety of themes--Castles, Paris, Circus and Dinosaurs--to create magical tales for sweet dreams! Magicforest is a wonderful toy company and I can't wait to see more from them!

If you've ever made hand shadows on the wall or have seen shadows cast by a flashlight on a camping tent, then you already have an idea of how shadow puppets work. Each of these little sturdy works of art come together to entice storytelling. The Paris Shadows set shows the Eiffel Tower, airplane, moon, sleepwalker, and others. The 9-piece Castle Shadows include a dragon, a fairy, royalty, a witch, and more (this is the one we have). If dinos are more your style, the Dinosaur Shadows pack of 10 puppets feature a stegosaurus, brachiosaurus and more prehistoric shapes! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take unique pics with this one.  My camera just doesn't have what it takes to take decent photos in the dark. But trust me, these are so neat!

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Moulin Roty for providing us with this review opportunity!

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