The Traveling Sisterhood: AMI Clubwear: So Much Fashion at Amazing Prices!

Wednesday, April 23

AMI Clubwear: So Much Fashion at Amazing Prices!

I had so much fun browsing Ami Clubwear.  There are so many great items, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!  They've got everything: shoes, swimsuits, casual wear, dresses, costumes, intimates, you name it.  After browsing for quite awhile, I finally narrowed it down and here is the first item I chose: The White Mesh Top.  So well-made, comfortable, affordable, and stylish.  Ah, love!  I get so many compliments every time I wear it, and the prices are  perfect! 

 Next week, I'll be reviewing The Pink Lace Dress!
AMI Clubwear is based out of Southern California and they definitely have the newest styles.  They carry traditional sizes, as well as plus sizes.  All of their prices are extraordinary, but check out the shoe prices in their clearance section!

$7.99 for these heels:
$9.99 for these ones (I so want!)
Special thanks to the wonderful people at AMI for providing me with this review opportunity!


  1. Oh my! I just clicked the link you put up for the pink lace dress you will be reviewing next week! I can' wait to see it! It is SOOOO pretty! I might have to put that on a wish list!!! Super adorable!! Thanks for sharing your amazing find! :)

  2. OH NO!! I just read that the pink dress is now out of stock....I am so sad!! booo.... I wonder if they will get it back in?

    1. I hope so! It's so pretty. I'll check with them and let you know. :)