The Traveling Sisterhood: July 2014

Wednesday, July 23

JLeer Jeans: Where Fashion Meets Function... Last Chance to Win!

I have discovered the coolest jeans possibly ever!  When I heard JLeer's catchy slogan "Fashion meets function" I wondered how true that would be.  Well, it couldn't be truer, it turns out.  These are super nice jeans, my hubby loves them on me, and they are the most comfortable jeans in memory, not to mention the "functionable" part... but I'll get to that in a minute. 
I'm not usually a jeans kind of girl.  I like skirts.  They're generally more comfy, in my own humble opinion.  Lately, though, I've been looking for new jeans that would actually look nice and be comfortable.  I wrote about some last week that I discovered, and now Jleer!  Jleer kind of turned me into a jeans kind of girl over night.  After I took my pics in them, I updated my Facebook profile pic with one of these pics and then went as far as to update my cover photo jean-style.  I wore my Jleers all day yesterday to a rather exertive play practice (lotsa chase scenes, jumping off the stage, etc.)  They were totally comfortable the whole time. I even worked out in them!  Not kidding. 
And they've got these really cool pockets.  That where the "functional designs" come in.  There's nothing else like their pocket ideas.  The pockets are easier to get your hands in for your wallet, keys, or cell phone.  They're in the perfect spots and easy to get to!  Plus, they're not to deep or too tight like the pockets in my other jeans.  Love them!!

Super Cool, Functional Pockets

The exceptionally nice people at JLeer are going to give one of my readers a pair of jeans!  Enter below by July 24th at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.
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Special thanks to the wonderful people at JLeer for this review and giveaway opportunity!

Monday, July 21

Mm!! Lemon Merinque Pie, I Mean Lemon Body Scrub, I Mean... A June Jacobs GIVEAWAY!

June Jacobs Lemon Sugar Body Polish is soooo amazing! First of all, it smells heavenly.  It reminds me of Lemon Meringue pie which made me put that on my grocery list.   I can't wait to enjoy it right after my next shower!  The Lemon Sugar body scrub features sugar granules and it's buffered in rich oils of safflower, hazelnut, sesame seed, avocado and wheat germ to silken the body from top to toe. It works!  After the first time I used it, my hubby commented on how soft my skin is.  He said, "Your skin is so soft!  Isn't it supposed to be getting older, not softer?"  35 apparently is "older" than 25, yes?  But who says you need to feel older... or that your skin needs to feel older?  I'll take younger any day!  In sum, this body polish invigorates the senses as roughness retreats and dryness disappears without a trace.  So perfect!

Enter below by July 29th at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Good luck, best wishes, and all that jazz!
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Special thanks to the wonderful people at June Jacobs for providing me with this review and giveaway opportunity!

Liquid Chalk Markers: An Art Tool To Really Inspire Creativity

We recently received a set of Liquid Chalk Markers and they are actually so much more than just chalk!  You can use them on a chalkboard, also on a white board, on material, on windows, on mirrors, on metal or wood... you name it!  If you use them on a hard, non-porous surface (glass, boards, etc.) it will wipe right off.  We tried it out on so many surfaces!  We also used it to paint flags.  It worked perfectly, though if you use them to paint material, wood, walls, or other porous or grooved surfaces, they won't wipe off.  I'm always painting murals on my children's walls and these would be wonderful for that.  Much less mess than the acrylics I usually use!  The colors are bold and beautiful, they're easy to use, the ink flows well, they dry fast, and they don't bleed or smear.  There is literally no mess involved. 

"It's the coolest thing ever!" -my daughter

Liquid Chalk Markers are made by Paper and Twine who offers a 60-day money back guarantee on them.  Since they're fulfilled by Amazon, you can get free shipping on them.  They'd be perfect for a homeschool or for students in a classroom, for anyone who likes to create art or crafts, cards, you name it... the possibilities are pretty much endless.  I really don't think I've found another product that can be used for so many diverse things! 

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 What would you do with liquid chalkers?
Special thanks to the wonderful people at Paper and Twine for providing us with this product to review!