The Traveling Sisterhood: Chores Kids Can Do By Age #WithFreshanaNaturals

Wednesday, February 4

Chores Kids Can Do By Age #WithFreshanaNaturals

Kids can (and almost always should) help around the house. My kiddos actually love doing chores!  We mix it up with a fun chore chart.  Every day, they check the fridge to see what their 2 chores are.  And my kiddos are little: 5-8.  Even so, one is quite an expert at sweeping, one is awesome at folding laundry, and one is a super mopper. 

Cleaning up the dried out play-doh!

Master Sweeper ;)

Dusting with natural, safe cleaning products.

I love using Freshana Naturals because they're so safe for my kiddos to use and don't have any kind of overpowering scent like so many other cleaners we've used.  They have everything including products for laundry, pets, kitchen, floors, and you can even get them at better deals with their cleaning kits.  I've tried their laundry detergent, odor eliminator (definitely needed this one after getting our new puppy--and it works!), all-purpose cleaner, and air purifier (I especially love this stuff b/c I hate lysol and this works just as good but leaves no weird, chemically smell!)

So here's a handy list of what chores young children are capable of based on their ages: 

Ages 2-3
Help make the bed
Pick up toys and books 
Take laundry to the laundry room.
Help feed pets 

Help wipe up messes 
Dust with socks on their hands 
Mop in areas with help 

Ages 4 and 5
(In addition to the above)
Clear and set the table
Help out in cooking and preparing food
Carry and put away groceries

Ages 6-8

(In addition to the above)
Take care of pets (feed and water, etc.)
Put away dishes
Fold and put away laundry

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Freshana for this product review opportunity!


  1. I need to start getting my son to do more chores around the house. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. I like your age appropriate chore list - it's very helpful! I think doing chores gives children a sense of responsibility and makes them feel like an important part of the family.

  3. Thanks for the chore list!

  4. I am a big fan of teaching kids to do chores early. Even my 1-year-old can help pick up toys!

  5. KHBride12:43 AM

    I love this article! I see so many kids not doing chores and it scares me to think about what they will be like when they are older. If they are bratty and too good to do chores at 12...give them a few more years to be teenagers!

  6. These look like great, eco-friendly products!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  7. I love the idea of starting younger children with a few small chores. They love to feel like they're contributing and it's a great habit to start!

  8. I am having such a hard time keeping my house clean. This would be a great way to make my kids more responsible and help to clean the house.

  9. Thanks for the chore tips for kids. I always need a reminder of what even little people are capable of accomplishing.

  10. Debbie Lewis8:45 PM

    My kids did chores around the house and now the grandkids do. Everyone needs to teach responsibility

  11. Chores can be fun for kids to do. Why just "play" house when you can be really and truly helpful?

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com