The Traveling Sisterhood: Goodnite TruFit and my #ConfidentKids

Monday, July 27

Goodnite TruFit and my #ConfidentKids

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My little guy is 7 and still has bedwetting challenges. He is quite embarrassed (especially when it comes to spending the night with his buddies) so I was excited to be chosen to try out the new Goodnite TruFit undies and to learn more about impacting his confidence!   

I printed out the $4 off coupon, then we headed to begin our little adventure to find this magical underwear.

This CVS is our newest in town. 
It's really nice and actually makes you want to be there! 
I have to admit, a store's ambiance is important to me.
There they are, the TruFits in both girls and boys styles, right next to the more traditional GoodNites.

They're marked at $22.99, but CVS combined my coupon and the CVS card coupon to save me a total of $7 which was a great deal at $15.99 for 2 pairs of underwear and a package of the inserts you need!  
The TruFits are the ones in the middle and the right. 
As you can see, they look just like any other cotton underwear!  They're machine-washable just like anything else.  Pretty cool!

Confidence and self-esteem are important qualities to instill in children. Unfortunately, bedwetting struggles often hinder a child's confidence--they definitely did for my little guy.  That's why TruFits are so awesome, plus it helps to know he's not the only one struggling with this issue.  He's had the daytime routine down since he was three, but these are still so perfect for this heavy sleeper who has a hard time waking up in the night, especially when I'm not there to remind him.

How do you encourage self-esteem and confidence in your kids? 

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  1. I am drawn to the ambiance of a store, as well. Glad that you have an awesome CVS nearby! #client

  2. we dont make a big deal out of needing some extra protection