The Traveling Sisterhood: Way Out West! Wranglers & Rodeos #BackToSchool

Tuesday, July 28

Way Out West! Wranglers & Rodeos #BackToSchool

Ever since my hubby and I starred in a play called "The Good, the Bad, and the Gospel" four years ago, our kids have loved the wild west theme!   There's just something so exciting about the history of the gold rush, wild horses, and the untamed west of the mid to late 1800's that kids love.  And I'm quite smitten with it myself... and not just because of the wonderful clothing styles, though I did love those costumes!

Turns out, today's Jitterbugs Funshine Express Theme was an old west theme titled "Wranglers and Rodeos".  The kiddos made some really cool horses and cowboys out of spring-type clothespins, feathers, ivory horse patterns, striped tissue paper, and doll clothespins--all of which came in the kit.  All of the kids loved making and playing with their own cowpoke riding a horse!  The directions were easy enough for them to follow themselves, which definitely was a plus for mommy.  

The lesson plan also came with a variety of extra fun ideas like:
  • Sack Races
  • Rocks in My Boot Game
  • Wild West Baked Beans Recipe
  • Bicycle Barrel Racing
  • Hot Sand Races
  • Western Words
  • Pass the Corn
  • Cattle Branding on paper


We give Funshine Express two thumbs up! 
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  1. we love the western look also espically the grandsons

  2. Funshine Express looks like so much fun! The photos are terrific and cute.
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