The Traveling Sisterhood: Exciting Homeschool History!

Monday, October 5

Exciting Homeschool History!

History lessons can be quite a bore, but when you use your imagination history lessons can come to LIFE! Here are a few ways we make homeschool history lessons fun.

Dress Up



There is almost nothing I like better than to dress up and relive history. Here are all of the costumes I’ve dressed in and the lesson that accompanied each costume.

  • Ancient Egypt (Egypt and the Pyramids)
  • Irish/British lads and lasses (The Life of Saint Patrick)
  • 1st c. Greeks and Hebrews (The Life of Jesus and the Disciples)
  • Pilgrims and Indians (The First Thanksgiving, focusing on the Life of Squanto)
  • Doo Boppers (The 1950s)
  • Traditional Chinese (The Chinese New Year)
  • American Patriots (The American Revolution)
  • Archaeologists (Present Day Biblical Archaeology)
  • Florence Nightingale and Michael Faraday (Early Scientists Who Were Christians)
  • 19th c. Americana (The California Gold Rush)

Share a Meal



I also love to embrace educating my kiddos by going all out with period food and ambiance, so I used the historically accurate recipes from Sunflower Education’s downloadable recipe books.

  • We decided to first learn about America during and after the Revolution. We cooked and tasted Firecakes (which Revolutionary war soldiers ate), Jumbles (old-fashioned donuts which were delicious), and Shrewsbury Cakes (a close second after Jumbles).
  • A lesson about Ancient Egypt is a lot more memorable if you do it while nibbling on some authentic Basboosa! That’s bread sweetened with honey and lemon. Yum!
  • Civil War lessons get tasty while nibbling on some authentic hardtack!
Cooking Up Some World History includes recipes from:
Prehistory • First Civilizations • Ancient India • Ancient China • Classical Greece • Ancient Rome • Maya • Aztec • Inca • Middle Ages • The Muslim World • Renaissance • The Age of Exploration • Kings and Tsars • Industrial Revolution • Nineteenth Century • Communist World • World Wars and the Great Depression • The Modern World

Cooking Up Some American History includes recipes from:
Native American Foods • Spanish Colonial Fare • English Colonial Dishes • Foods of the Revolutionary War • Dining in Young America • Staying Fed on the Frontier • Foods Out of Africa • Soldiers’ Mess: The Civil War and Reconstruction • Foods of the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution • Dishes of World War I • Surviving the Great Depression • Foods of World War II • American Fare: the 1950s • The 1960s • The 1970s • Modern Meals

Skip the Textbooks


Textbooks are helpful, but sometimes those lessons get a little dry. Here’s a helpful list of books and movies that will get your entire family excited about learning history!

  • The Imagination Station series is fun historical fiction for elementary kids.
  • The American Girl historical fiction books are wonderful reading to get girls excited about history.
  • Dear America is a family film that brings to life the fictionalized diaries of Elizabeth I, Isabel, and Cleopatra VII. Available on Netflix!!
  • Torchlighters is a DVD series that comes with printables and lesson plans for stories like John Bunyan and William Booth.
Our most interactive history lesson might have been while we were studying China. We baked Chinese desserts, learned how to eat with chopsticks (my kiddos are amazing after You-Tubing it!), watched a film about Gladys Aylward, learned how to write Chinese letters, and read picture books on China.

What country or time period is your favorite? Who’s your favorite person from history? Mine is Florence Nightingale, but Grace O’Malley was amazing, too–she was “the pirate queen”! Google them both!


  1. Wow....I'm totally impressed with your creative, imaginative approach to homeschooling. I don't have any kids but I can still see how much better these history lessons opposed to the dry, strict rote learning approach. It's such a shame that traditional public schools turn learning into a chore or punishment....instead of the joy that it should be. My hats off to you!

    1. I hated history until I started reading historical fiction books--and realized that it can be such an amazing and fun subject! My kids actually love history and it makes me happy. :)