The Traveling Sisterhood: Jump Ship! #MixingInMath #MakingMathFun

Monday, October 5

Jump Ship! #MixingInMath #MakingMathFun

My kiddos had so much fun in Math class today!  We played with our new card deck from Mixing in Math which actually includes 9 different card games in one!  We played 2 different games: one like Go Fish and another like War. What I especially love about this deck is that it's customizeable to any elementary school level.

Getting ready to win!
"Do you have a 7?"      "Nope, go fish!"
Mixing In Math has a ton of great games of all shapes and sizes!  When you order card games or books from their bookstore distributor, enter MIXINGINMATH in the slot for a promo code for a 20% discount. OR when you order directly from THEM (they sell sets of 6 board games or "math on the go"), they'll send a free "math on the go" for every $20 you spend!

You Can Find Mixing in Math On

Mixing in Math's card games make the perfect stocking stuffer, that's why we're adding it to our brand new  
2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Mixing in Math for this review opportunity. 


  1. Jen L.9:49 PM

    I love math games and hadn't seen this one - thanks!

  2. How cute! This looks very fun!!

  3. How cute! This looks very fun!!

  4. Math games are the best! This one looks super fun!