The Traveling Sisterhood: We Are Astronomers! #NancyLarsonScience

Tuesday, October 20

We Are Astronomers! #NancyLarsonScience

I finally discovered Nancy Larson Science and I love it because if I had all of the expertise, all of the time, and all of the resources this is the curriculum I would have come up with!

It took me 6 years but I've finally found the absolute perfect Science curriculum!  I've tried Abeka, My Father's World, McGraw Hill, and a hodgepodge of my own making which worked best until now but took so much time and effort. Here is my drawer filled with our Nancy Larson Science 3 curriculum, minus all the amazing posters and some of the other extras you'll see in the next post.

As you can see by the lesson plan, teacher preparation is virtually effortless.  As long as you're organized with all of your materials in one spot, prep takes about 3 minutes... hence the Science drawer in my 100 year old antique dresser.
As the kiddos finished up their Math assignment, I set up for Science class.  I love this dresser along with its matching desk. Amazing Craig's list find! 

Each lesson is about 4 pages long and goes through everything you need to say and do in nice large print that makes discussion simple and effortless.

Having fun with her Science, feeling like an Astronomer as she learns about our universe!
They're retaining what they learn and are also learning study skills as evidenced by each day's quiz.  They all have highlighters and in the lesson plan, they're told what to highlight, the especially important information they'll need to recall later.  I love that!  2nd and 5th grade and they're already learning important study habits just like they'll need in college!
We chose to go with Science 3 which doesn't mean "grade 3". Instead, it's based on what your needs as a homeschool classroom are and on the interests and levels of your children. My son is in 2nd grade, my daughters are in 5th, and this curriculum is adaptable to all of them.  We have Science together, all of us are learning, and it has been an amazing year so far!
Science 3 is broken up into 8 different sections in which you are a scientist in each.  This month, we're Astronomers and, I have to tell you, even I have learned so much!  The curriculum is equal parts learning, equal parts doing.  Videos will be coming soon so you can see just what the "doing" consists of! 

I've just got to show you Science 1 even though we're not doing this one.  This is nearly the curriculum I put together for my kids in 2nd grade so we're definitely on the same page!  Doesn't this look like fun?! 
If you're looking into a better Science curriculum that will perfectly fit your family, definitely check out Nancy Larson

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Nancy Larson for providing us with Science 3 to review this year!  All opinions are honest and our own.


  1. Oh that does look like so much fun! I love all the hands on it has!

  2. I do like your dresser along with the matching desk! This Science curriculum does look terrific and very interesting!
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  3. Excellent, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! This looks awesome!

  5. I love the desk! I've been looking for a new science program, I'll look more into this!

  6. I love the desk! I've been looking for a new science program, I'll look more into this!

  7. I'm a sucker for a good curriculum! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Our current Science curriculum at home isn't doing it for me. My daughter is dyslexic and adhd and we need a more active learning curriculum and this looks great!

  9. Looks like a great Science lesson! Looks like fun!!!