The Traveling Sisterhood: Welcome to Honeysuckle Hollow! Li'l Woodzeez, This Week's #1 On Our Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, October 26

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hollow! Li'l Woodzeez, This Week's #1 On Our Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Honeysuckle Hollow where all the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and their environment.  Li'l Woodzeez Countryside Cottage came with two bunnies, Emelia and Elliot Hoppingood, who you'll meet later.  In this photo, the Fox and Beaver parents are arriving at the Hoppingood home to pick up the children after a date night.  Mr. and Mrs. Hoppingood were good enough to babysit for them, something they often take turns doing, you see.

Here you see Mrs. Hoppingood preparing dinner for the little ones.  She bought her pretty new dishes at Target.  Speaking of Target, you can find Li'l Woodzeez there, too.  No wonder it's Mrs. Hoppingood's favorite place to shop in the evenings when the Li'l Woodzeez Farmers Market is closed.  The furniture in her home is the Kitchenette and Housekeeping Set.  She only just moved in very recently and plans to completely furnish it with lots of accessories from Target.
I especially love the Countryside Cottage because it's perfect for traveling--my children are always bringing their toys to their friends homes and on various outings numerous times throughout the week.  This makes it ideal--all of the furniture, little animal families, and their accessories fit inside with so much space. 
Li'l Woodzeez are currently #1 on our gift guide because of their cuteness and affordability factors.  Today until midnight, has a promotion for $10 off a $50 Li'l Woodzeez purchase, or $25 off a $100 purchase!  Their shipping is also free. Plus many of their Woodzeez are on sale, some as low as $4.99!  If they don't have the ones you want at your local Target, you can do free local pickup for most of them or have them delivered to your home.

This is a collage of my youngest daughter's Li'l Woodzeez Wish List. Isn't that treehouse incredible?!  We both agree that the Whooswhoos Owl Family would be the perfect ones to move in!

In this video, Emelia Hoppingood prepares "Wonder Soup" for the children.  You can find our recipe for this very delicious soup here.

My kids are crazy for animals!
What Toys Are On Your Child's Christmas List This Year?

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