The Traveling Sisterhood: Give a Little... It's Giving Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 1

Give a Little... It's Giving Tuesday!

There are so many worthy charities you could give to, but knowing which ones will make the best use of your money is hard.  If you don't know who to give to but really want to, please do check out Into-Africa. They are amazing!

In the morning, Giving Tuesday, my hubby and I will be donating $200 to Into-Africa.  What's especially awesome is that Paypal is also donating 1% to any charity you give to.  It's a little, but every bit really does count.  And, of course, there's the incentive of giving before the year ends for last minute tax breaks.

My best friend's dad, Dr. Alvin Smith, is the founder of Into-Africa so we know personally how much every little bit helps.  Hundreds of dollars are worth thousands in Africa, where my donations have helped build schools, put in clean water wells, and provide a wonderful education to so many adorable kiddos who wouldn't have one otherwise.  My hubby and I have been giving to Into Africa for about 10 years now.  We're loyal to them because we see where our money is going, that it isn't wasted, and that it is such a blessing to so many people!
This post is in no way sponsored by Into Africa. They are simply a charity I love and want to bless! 

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  1. They sound amazing! Will definitely look into!!