The Traveling Sisterhood: Encourage Kids to Build Their Own Stories (Literally!) With New Sets From Build & Imagine Toys! #HolidayGiftGuide

Saturday, December 5

Encourage Kids to Build Their Own Stories (Literally!) With New Sets From Build & Imagine Toys! #HolidayGiftGuide

You may have seen our review in September for Build & Imagine's Day at the Beach. My kiddos were so excited to get a new set to add to their first one!  This one was even more cause for that excitement as the theme was their favorite--animals!  A Pet Portrait Studio to be precise because, after all, pets can't take selfies, right?
Each Build & Imagine set is made of colorfully illustrated magnetic panels kiddos join together any way they like.  They can be for boys and girls so brothers and sisters can definitely play with this together.  Though these are mainly promoted as girls STEAM toy, the sets are not too girly and some of them even come with boys to play with, too.
Each set comes with a couple of dress-up dolls and/or animals and more than 40 magnetic costumes and props like these ones. 
With the Pet Portrait Studio, 10 illustrated, double sided magnetic panels set the scenes for imaginative play. It comes with boy and girl wooden doll figures, two cats and two dog figures, and more than 40 magnetized accessories from an artist's smock to a bowl of dog food. The panels make a pretty sturdy play house for their toys and they love that they actually built it themselves and can change it around to suit their fancy.

There are so many ways to get creative and change the tiles around! You can make an outdoor beach scene, a beach store, a house, the options are endless... especially combined with more of the play sets.  Here is the Pet Play Set combined with the Beach Play Set to make a giant pet shop.
 Where to Get Them

You can find Build & Imagine play sets online and in stores such as, Kohl’s, Fat Brain Toys, and Zulily.  My favorite place to get them would definitely be Amazon!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Build & Imagine for providing us with this toy to review!


  1. I remember when we were young, we had to use our imagination a lot. This would be a perfect gift to give my niece for Christmas. I would love to see what story she would build with her imagination. Thanks for sharing where to get the Build & Imagine Toys.

  2. Magnets are so fun for kids - and I like that pieces don't get lost. My 4 year old would love this.

  3. Tamalyn L.8:06 AM

    Very neat. I wasn't familiar with these and they look great. Thank you!