The Traveling Sisterhood: RoyalTea Candle and Jewelry #HolidayGiftGuide

Monday, December 21

RoyalTea Candle and Jewelry #HolidayGiftGuide

Each Royal Tea Candle comes inside a reuseable teacup and has a surprise piece of jewelry inside!  You're able to choose whether you'd like a necklace or ring, along with your ring size, but what you'll get beyond that is a fun surprise.  The candles are 100% natural and come in a wide variety of wonderful scents.  I chose to review White Tea & Berries.  Doesn't it look lovely on my fireplace mantle?

There's also a custom option so that if you're going to be gift giving one, you can choose the piece of jewelry you'd like inside your candle!  This is the first jewelry candle company to do that and I think that makes for such an amazing gift!! 

Embedded in each candle (safely wrapped in foil) is a hand selected piece of jewelry valued between $20-$3,000. I really like that the jewelry pouch is attached to a charm that hangs over the edge.  I've tried other jewelry candles that were a pain to get out because they didn't have this bit of added wisdom.

You simply tug the chain when you see the foil to reveal your crown jewel.  It's wrapped very safely and snuggly but is easy to open.  I was super happy to see that it was very near the top of the candle.  I didn't have to wait too long to find my surprise!

The piece of jewelry inside each candle is worth between $20 and $3000!  I love the necklace I received.  Though the tag it came with says it's only worth $20, I'm very happy with it and it's definitely my style!  It's a simple red gemstone on a copper chain with adjustable length.  It looks very well made, not at all like costume or cheap jewelry.  Can't wait to wear it to church with my favorite black dress on Sunday!
This is one of my very favorite gift guide items which I will be purchasing for numerous people!  I absolutely love these candles and they make such a unique, fun, and exciting gift!
 Each of my blog readers who uses this link will receive 15% off any Royal Tea Candle purchase which will  bring the price of each Surprise Jewelry Candle to $21!  An easy price to spend on that last-minute mailable Christmas gift.

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Royal Tea Candles for this review opportunity!

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