The Traveling Sisterhood: Lucy's Pooch Picks for 2016! #ILoveMyDog

Saturday, March 5

Lucy's Pooch Picks for 2016! #ILoveMyDog

Lucy loves when I allow her to be a guest blogger at The Traveling Sisterhood.  She wagged her tail quite excitedly when I asked her if she'd like to share her favorites with our readers.  Or maybe she was just wagging her tail because she heard the word "cookie"... Whatever the case, here are her favorites which she thinks every dog would love!

#1 Dish: Eco-friendly Bamboo Bowls from The Green Pet Shop. These bowls are not only environmentally friendly, but look gorgeous in our kitchen and are very sturdy! The bowls also come in green and orange, and in small or large. Lucy's are small.  #1 Food: Merrick's Classic Small Breed Recipe--perfect for little dogs, made in the USA with deboned chicken and whole grains, and she loves the taste.

#1 "Cookie": Look Who's Happy Tempt'n Tenders. In Lucy's book, all treats are cookies.  She doesn't go for the crunchy type--she loves the jerky and these are her favorite! They're natural treats and smell amazing. I was almost tempted to try one. Almost.

#1 Training Treat: Wellness Petite Treats in Lamb, Apple, and Cinnamon. These treats make Lucy's breath smell amazing!  They're the perfect tiny size for rewarding her, plus they're natural.  Currently on sale for $4 at!  #1 Toy: Outward Hound's Kibble Drop. This game is so fun! You drop the tiny treat in the middle (Wellness Petite Treats are the perfect size) and she has to lip the correct flap to find the treat! The kids and their friends love playing this with Lucy. This one is on sale for $9! Your dog needs it, I'm telling you!
#1 Subscription Box: Poochperks! Lucy has tried numerous pet boxes and this one is by far her favorite... and mine. Their treats are all made in the U.S.A. and their plans always have free shipping.  The numerous, wide variety of high quality goodies makes this the best box for the money... and the most fun! Save 15% using our link! 
#1 Pet Shampoo: Reliq's Mineral Shampoo in Pomegranate. I wish I had other than a stock photo of this one, but alas, Lucy has only tried a nice sized sample pack. But the pomegranate makes her smells amazing!  Plus it's natural which I love.
#1 Soup: CARU Pet Food. Yep, Lucy has a favorite soup.  Since this one, she's tried others but this is her favorite!  It tastes amazing, or so she tells me, and is actually human grade food!
Now you know all of Lucy's very favorite things!  What are your pooch's favorites?


  1. KHBride6:04 PM

    Such a cute pup! And so happy looking :) Love puppy smiles!

  2. Cute! I don't have a doggie but hope to someday :)

  3. The dog looks so cute! I love it.