The Traveling Sisterhood: Madison Reed Natural Hair Color Review: I Love Tuscany Brown! Free Shipping Coupon!

Sunday, March 13

Madison Reed Natural Hair Color Review: I Love Tuscany Brown! Free Shipping Coupon!

Madison Reed  
I haven't colored my hair in a couple of years and really felt like a little change.  Nothing drastic, and most people might not even notice it because the color I chose is so natural-looking and perfectly compliments my skin tone and eye color.  Before I chose to go with Madison-Reed, my hair had a bit of lighter color on the ends and I was hoping that their Tuscany Brown would even it out. And it did!  I can't say enough wonderful things about their hair color!

Madison-Reed hair color includes keratin, ginseng, and argon oil so it's actually good for your hair.  It also brings out highlights which I love!

Madison-Reed is made with natural ingredients and actually smells good while you apply it and after! 
What's in the box? 
Your package will include everything you see below.  Once at their site, you can build a Hair Profile to find out exactly which colors would be most perfect for you!  It's a lot of fun.  You can also call their Color Crew who actually answers the phone right away and is very sweet and helpful.

Each Madison-Reed box includes everything you see here, plus a shower cap and 2 pairs of black gloves (underneath) that actually fit--not like the cheap ones you get in the boxes. A complete do-it-yourself salon experience!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Madison-Reed for providing me with their products to review! 


  1. that color looks great on you

  2. That's a really nice rich color. Looks great.

  3. I would kill to have your hair. Mine if just a big ball of disaster most days!

    1. I've definitely had days like that!

  4. My kids want me to stay natural, but with the coupon code, it is very tempting to go red or blonde for fall :)

  5. Your hair is gorgeous!!

  6. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)9:02 AM

    I really like that it has Argan oil in it. I haven't colored my hair at home in years because the at home products did so much damage but it looks like that has changed now. I love your color! It really has a lot of depth and richness.