The Traveling Sisterhood: MunchPak Subscription Box Review and Coupon: Your 1st Box Only $8 Shipped!

Tuesday, March 15

MunchPak Subscription Box Review and Coupon: Your 1st Box Only $8 Shipped!

MunchPak is a monthly snack subscription box.  They describe it as “…an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like.”

The Products: 5+ snacks in the Mini Pak and 10+ snacks in the Original, and 20+ in the FamilyPak.  They ship to the US and Europe.  This one is the MunckPak Mini but, as you can see, it's got lots of full size items and is really not so "mini" after all! 

Strawberry Pocky Sticks--my kiddos were so excited to see these!  One of their favorite favorite snacks.

Kurleez Special Salt Crinkle Crips--a yummy snack, a simple potato chip with 3 ingredients. 

Giant Caplico--now this was fun!  A giant candy ice cream cone!

Whistle Candy--My kids favorite item in the box.  They loved blowing these candy whistles and the candy also tasted delicious.

Chocolate Covered Cookie--These are huge and delicious!

Western's Beef Stick-- My hubby was happy to see this one in the box.  He loves these things!
There you have the February MunchPak Mini!  You can get $2 off your first MunchPak using the code TRAVELINGSISTERHOOD. 


  1. $8 for all that is awesome! I spend way more at our local Asian supermarket!

  2. This box looks wonderful, what a super deal! I would enjoy the Strawberry Pocky Sticks also.
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  3. Oh what a fun subscription box! Those Strawberry Pocky Sticks do look so fun!