The Traveling Sisterhood: The Best Free and Discounted Subscription Boxes

Friday, March 25

The Best Free and Discounted Subscription Boxes

I love subscription boxes and have tried so many!  Below are some of my favorites.  I'm not including any subscription boxes here which I have not actually purchased myself. Many of them I initially received complimentary for review purposes and loved them so much I ended up subscribing.  

Now go have some fun and get your subscription box fix!

Graze is awesome because the first box is free plus you can earn a free double-sized box by referring 3 friends.  You do have to pay $1 s/hI enjoyed my first 2 free Graze boxes and then easily cancelled with a click of the mouse.

You get 50% off your first Candy Club Box which brings it to $10 shipped.  3 pounds of candy is more than it looks and is it ever delicious!

With FabKids, you buy one outfit get one free at sign-up (pants and top or dress and leggings) with free shipping. The outfits are really nice, and with this deal it comes to $7 each item of clothing--better than thrift store prices!
I got my first pair of Shoe Dazzle heels for about $9 shipped!  I love them--their shoes are very high quality and I paid less than I would've paid for nice heels at PayLess.  They also offer flats and other cute women's shoes.  Of course, this does sign you up for their monthly shoe subscription. I really don't need a pair of shoes every month, but it's easy to just skip any month with the click of a mouse.

What is especially awesome about Love With Food's free trials is that you can try both their Deluxe and Gluten free boxes at 40-50% off!  Their Tasting Box has 8+ snacks, their Deluxe Box has 16-20 snacks, and their Gluten Free Box has 10-12 snacks. The first month of each costs 9.99, 11.95, and 12.49 shipped. I don't personally believe the small, Tasting Box is worth the price, however, the last 2 definitely are!
Just like Love With Food, you can try each of Kiwi Crate's 4 different box themes at the intro discount which is 50% off!  The 4 boxes are Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate, Tinker Crate, and Koala Crate.  Use the code MSA50 when you sign up. These boxes are kid-themed and go from toddler to teens. Each box comes to 9.95 shipped.

Urthbox is an organic snack box that offers $10 off the first month.  Use the code promo10 when you sign-up.  Total comes to 9.99 shipped+ depending on which size box you choose.

I love Sun Basket! They are amazing!  They offer $30 off your first 3 meals which serve 2-4 people.  Total comes to 34.47 for a ginormous box of organic food, including steaks, fish, and other goodies. It's all pre-measured making for exciting, convenient new recipes.  You also get to choose what meals you get from a wide variety.
PipSticks is a super cute sticker subscription which comes with a ton of nice stickers (Mrs. Grossman etc.) in a fancy envelope. You can choose kids' stickers adult, scrapbook-style stickers.  The first month costs 4.95 shipped with the code FRIENDSROCK, giving you $5 OFF.

Your Hatchery Tasting Box is 60% off for a grand total of $10 using the code TTS10 which is an awesome deal--they're usually $25! This is an artisan box and it's got a beautiful presentation. Especially perfect for people who like to try new recipes.
 Do you have a favorite subscription box I should include? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I know I would enjoy any of these boxes. I would love to get for my daughter the Graze Box and the Urthbox. I know she would really like them.
    twinkle a optonline dot net

  2. Your blog has gotten me into subscription boxes, so thank you for that! :P Have you and your hubby done a datebox?