The Traveling Sisterhood: 20 ShareASale Companies Who Will Pay You for Blog Posts

Wednesday, April 20

20 ShareASale Companies Who Will Pay You for Blog Posts

Important Notes 
This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  
When using your affiliate links in a post, you should have a disclosure like the one above, or a tab like the one to the right of my other tabs--feel free to copy and paste my examples.
  Also, after signing up with the companies, you must wait to receive the offer from them before you post or add the banner.  These usually come in their approval or welcome e-mails, or in their weekly or monthly digests. I recommend having a folder specifically for blogging to keep everything organized. Best of luck!
For a list of SAS companies which provide free products for review in addition to commission, and which provide payment for banner placement, check out the blog post "The 50 ShareASale Companies Every Blogger Should Be Working With".

Tip: If you're just starting out blogging, check out "How to Start Your Own Product Review Blog" for a complete rundown on everything you should know.


  1. Hey I was wondering how all of this works?

  2. Bookmarking for that "someday when I have a blog"; thank you! You are a fountain of resources!

  3. Great info! Can you also please share the range of compensation?

  4. Great list! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Celena, you can add our brand to your list. VacayStyle would love to work with any fashion bloggers. We are new and trying to build our brand by partnering with people like you and your readers.

    We are on ShareASale already:

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      Great, thanks!