The Traveling Sisterhood: Kiwi Crate is Amazing! And the Trial is Even Better!

Saturday, May 28

Kiwi Crate is Amazing! And the Trial is Even Better!

My beautiful girl with her Kiwi Crate masterpiece, a working wooden clock. Her kit came with everything she needed to make it, from the supplies to every single piece of the clock--paints, brushes, stencils, precut wooden pieces, idea booklet, metal clock hands, and a motor.  $9.95 for a beautiful clock that she is so proud of designing and making all by herself!
In March, we received each of our boxes from the Kiwi Crate 50% off trial.  At $9.95 with free shipping, they were well worth it!  Just like with Love With Food, you can try each of Kiwi Crate's 4 different box themes at the intro discount which is 50% off!  The 4 boxes are Kiwi Crate, Doodle Crate, Tinker Crate, and Koala Crate and each is perfect for a different age group, though my 8-10 year olds enjoy 3 out of the 4.  Use the code MSA50 when you sign up.

Here we have the Koala Crate (the toddler/preschooler box) with a theme of "Wind".  It came with everything we needed to make a nice wind sock and a wind ship which turned out really awesome!  More pics coming soon!
This is the Kiwi Crate, which was the original crate style when they first started out. I'd consider it a lower elementary crate.  This one had a theme of "Explore" and came with everything to make 2 really cool race cars along with another craft of airbrushing.  We couldn't get the airbrush part to work, so they send us another kit to make up for it which was super nice!
Here we have the Doodle Crate, an upper elementary crate. This one is the clock, which was much loved by my daughter!
And finally, the teen's crate!  This one is a Tinker Crate and included blueprints and all supplies to build a working catapult!  This is the only one we didn't built yet as we already had a ton of stuff to make with the other kits and this one seemed a bit daunting!

 Which Kiwi Crate would your kiddos like best? You can also buy past crates at if you'd rather know just what your getting.  We've done that, too, and will post pics soon!


  1. how cute and clever that is

  2. These are awesome!! I just love your blog!!

  3. I love subscription boxes like Kiwi Crate, they are so much fun!