The Traveling Sisterhood: Fresh Realm Makes Every Mom a Chef! #Discount

Friday, May 20

Fresh Realm Makes Every Mom a Chef! #Discount

Over the last 2 months, we've tried 7 different "meal kit", or food and recipe, delivery companies. Fresh Realm wins the #1 ranking for so many reasons--not only is their food delicious, but it arrives fresher than any of the others (you'll see why below), they offer you a choice of around 60 different meals each week, they have the best "try it" promo with $35 off, and they don't get you with a weekly meal plan subscription!  You simply order what you want when you want, and set it for delivery on the day you want.
This is why Fresh Realm lives up to their name. Their food comes packaged in sturdy containers in a refrigerator-like contraption! My husband said, "Can we keep it?" No can do, as they send someone out to collect it the next day. The other meal kit companies deliver in boxes. Oftentimes, food is squished, arrives leaking, and many times makes a mess. I've received 4 of these shipments and each time the food has been incredibly fresh and perfect! Each item also has a use-by date. You'd think that'd be a given, but some of the other companies don't include that.

My pretty girl helped me cook. Each and every ingredient comes pre-measured. With the exception of salt, pepper, and oil, every single item is included down to the fresh herbs and pre-diced veggies.  The recipes are easy enough for a child to follow and the dinners are so delicious!

This dinner was so good--hericots verts (green beans) with chicken in a bacon sauce, and watermelons on the side. Yep, even the fresh fruit comes with the meal. And those were some of the best watermelons we'd had in a long time!
It was a beautiful day for dinner outside and we thoroughly enjoyed it!
The next day, my kiddos and I had a blast making up-cycled boats out of the Fresh Realm food delivery containers.  As you can see, my son got very creative with a look-out tower in a carrier ship.  The ship is at the dock, about to take building supplies out of state. ;)

This one is a simple butterfly sailboat.  We hole-punched the sides to add a strand of beads and duct taped all around to make the boat blue. We made so many boats, but these two are our favorites... so far!  We've got more containers arriving soon and they're too good to put to waste! Of course, you could make boats out of all kinds of containers. It just takes a little imagination and our kids have plenty of that!

Use this link to receive a $20 credit for your first Fresh Realm order! Important note: the $20 won't show up until you click checkout. But don't worry, it'll be there. :)


  1. This looks delicious and so fresh! Yum!

  2. Just ordered! I love that you can schedule the delivery date weeks in advance. Perfect for when we get back from vacation!

  3. This is something I need. Always difficult to know what to have for dinner.

  4. VickeC8:20 PM

    how cute ,my grandkid would love this