The Traveling Sisterhood: 26 Companies that will Pay You for Blog Posts and/or Banner Placement

Tuesday, June 21

26 Companies that will Pay You for Blog Posts and/or Banner Placement

Important Note!

After signing up with the companies, you must wait to receive the offer from them before you post or add the banner.  These usually come in their approval or welcome e-mails, or in their weekly or monthly newsletters. 

 I recommend right clicking, click "open in a new window" for each and get them all done in one shot. It will be 20 minutes well-spent! Most of these will approve you within 1 hour to 2 days. Very Important: Be sure to thoroughly read your approval e-mails! Those often contain the information for getting your bonus.

Check Into Cash 
Cell Savers 
MPG Sports
Blurb Books
So Well Made
Little Passports


  1. I'm a little confused by this post. Did the companies just add a bonus to your account after you posted their banner? Additionally, for the blog post sponsor, was that you posting their banner again or did you contact them for additional payment?

    1. I'm pretty sure she's referring to the bonuses found in emails. If you pay attention to emails from these companies, they send out campaigns for certain holidays or stretches of time. If you use those banners found in the emails, you will get a % bonus on top of the money for the generated sale. But you have to make a sale... they don't just pay you for putting the banner up.

    2. When you're approved, many of them will say in the approval e-mail, "If you post our banner, we'll provide you with a $10 bonus immediately upon placement", etc. Or they'll offer a larger bonus for a post. These usually come a couple of times a month in their e-mail newsletter for affiliates.

  2. Thank you for your time and putting this together as well! I appreciate your generosity!

  3. I have the same question because neither Gunas or Modcloth paid a bonus

    1. You may have skipped over the first full paragraph in the blog post. You do have to wait for the bonus opportunity. Just make sure you read your approval message and/or monthly newsletter they send out to affiliates. :)

  4. I love seeing these type of list always helpful for bloggers.

  5. So helpful.. wanting to do a blog soon hopefully soon :)