The Traveling Sisterhood: Treatsie Box May Review... with a Double Your Sweets Promo Code!

Thursday, June 30

Treatsie Box May Review... with a Double Your Sweets Promo Code!

I had been seeing Treatsie advertised on Facebook--those scroll-stopping, mouth-watering ads! I hadn't decided to purchase yet so when I had the opportunity to become one of their affiliates, I jumped at the chance. And, let me tell you, I loved my first box!

On the off-chance you're not familiar with Treatsie, they're an artisan sweets box. Every month, they delivered hand-picked deliciousness that most people never have the chance to discover delivered right to your door. My first box included 4 different snacks.

My absolute favorite item in the box were these chocolate caramels. Even better, the warm weather had made them extra soft. They were so amazing! I think they were the best caramels I've ever had!

And the cookies!  Cinnamon pecan and chocolate espresso! If you could eat coffee, it would taste like this cookie. So very delicious! Cookies are okay to have for breakfast when they taste like coffee, right?? I hope so because that's what I did!

And the sour "Acid Drops" were so, so, so good! My favorite movie theater candy is Sour Patch Kids and these were like the hard-candy, organic version. I snacked on them during the last episode of Reign. Perfect movie snack!
I can't wait for my next Treatsie box! You can either sign up or you can purchase a past box here.
Get Double the Sweets FREE in Your 1st Box! Use the code FREE5 at checkout.


  1. This is sooo mouth watering!

  2. Your blog is not for those on a diet :P

  3. This looks like such a fun box! The Acid Drops look and sound like something I would love.

  4. What an awesome box. I love my sweets! :)

  5. They look like yummy treats!