The Traveling Sisterhood: Gift Your Pooch with an Adorable, No Sew Pet Bed & Free Purina Beneful Samples!

Tuesday, August 23

Gift Your Pooch with an Adorable, No Sew Pet Bed & Free Purina Beneful Samples!

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How cute is our Lucy in her new pet bed?  With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a great gift idea for your pets!
I love the way it turned out, and the best part?  It costs as little as $2 to make! This no-sew pet bed is so easy to make, you don't even need a needle and thread. Just a couple yards of fleece fabric or an old blanket and some stuffing is basically all you need.
You'll need 1-2 yards of fleece fabric. I found this at Wal-Mart for under $2 a yard. I wanted a different color on the bottom (gray) with a print on top (the owls) so I purchased 1 yard of each. However, 1 yard total folded in half would have been the perfect amount. Fold the fabric in half and cut down the middle.

Lay one piece of fabric down, place your foam or old shirts for stuffing (we used foam for ours so that does increase the price; old shirts or other old material or cotton is perfect, too), and lay the second piece of fabric on top. 

Cut tabs one inch by four inches wide all around the fabric. Make sure to cut through both pieces of fleece at the same time so it all lines up.

Tie the tabs into a double knot all the way around the dog bed. Make sure that you are tying one tab from the top and one from the bottom and that they are all lining up. Don’t miss one or you’ll have a hole.
The whole process takes about an hour and we had fun doing it together. This is something the whole family can help with! Let me know how yours turns out if you decide to do it, and I'd love to see pictures! Besides making special things for Lucy, we also like to treat her to goodies--treats and healthy food like Purina Beneful IncrediBites.
I feed her both the dry food with Real Chicken and the little cans of wet food that contain Real Chicken or Beef. The dry food is the perfect, small size. I was also thrilled to find these cans! I love that they come in a single serving for small dogs and that the meat is cut up very small. Before I switched to IncrediBites, I had to take the time to cut the food up smaller and save half the can for later... and to be honest, wet dog food just doesn't appeal to Lucy much after it's been in the fridge for a day and it more often than not went to waste. This is so much better!
Treating Lucy is a simple part of showing our love for her which is why I choose the food she eats carefully. She's small so it's important to me to purchase food for her made especially for small dogs. Otherwise, it's hard for her to chew and digest. I also look for meat as the first ingredient in Lucy's food. It turns out, lots of dog owners do! That's why Purina decided to reformulate Beneful to made real meat the #1 ingredient with no sugar added. Lucy has tried both the beef and chicken and she loves it all! I buy her the IncrediBites for small dogs, but there is also an Originals formula also made with meat as the #1 ingredient for larger dogs.

Free Samples!
Get your free sample of Purina Beneful IncrediBites or Originals with real meat as the #1 ingredient here!

Where To Buy It
Your pooch has tried Purina Beneful and loves it? Well, now you can find it at Target, Walmart, and regional grocers like Kroger, Fry's, and Albertsons. Remember, dogs can be sensitive to change, especially when it comes to food. Even if you currently feed your dog Beneful, you'll want to transition to the new Beneful recipe slowly. Make the change over 7-10 days, gradually adding more Beneful and less of the previous food to your dog's dish each day. Let me know if your pooch tries it!


  1. Who doesn't enjoy a free sample? I love that the new Beneful recipe has meat as the number one ingredient and no added sugars! #client

  2. Laura9:18 PM

    What a cute bed. I love that fabric too! Sounds very easy!

  3. We don't have a dog but know friends that do so thank you for the link to the samples!

  4. Anonymous8:40 PM

    This is a super easy and cute pet bed idea. I made the blankets like this when the kids were small and never thought about stuffing them. Great idea!
    Jody C.

  5. Nancy6:51 AM

    This is a cute bed for Lucy, and a fun activity for kids. I think this might make a nice craft for a service project for a pet shelter or a home for older/ disabled animals, too.

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