The Traveling Sisterhood: KitHub STEAM Kits Make Even the Most Un-Steamy Kids Fall in Love with Electronics! And a Robot-Making Kit for Only $9!!

Saturday, August 27

KitHub STEAM Kits Make Even the Most Un-Steamy Kids Fall in Love with Electronics! And a Robot-Making Kit for Only $9!!

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Kit Hub for providing us with these products to review! 
  What are these STEAM kits?  Well, KitHub empowers kids, parents, educators and DIY enthusiasts to dive into hands-on, fun and creative electronics projects by providing theme-based kits and easy to follow instructions. They help your kiddos build the confidence and skills they need to create, experiment and design creative projects using electronics. And they are awesome!
One of my daughters wanted to make the Light Up Mask, which is a fun and entertaining introduction to simple circuits. My daughter designed her own light-up superhero mask using electronics. It came with everything she needed, even the lithium battery and LED light. She loved following the easy directions, experimenting with the LED, and making the mask her own!
My son couldn't wait to make the Motorized Bot! He had so much fun discovering what made the LEDs light up, what made the circuits work, and getting the motor to drive his bot around. It was really cool to watch! Such an awesome introduction to robotics! It only costs $9 with the discount (use the code School10) and it comes with an led, battery holder, battery, hobby motor, alligator clips, cup, wires, everything you need!
Now, the day before I introduced my kits to Kit Hub, my oldest daughter said she didn't like electronics. She thought they were boring. She sat at the kitchen table the next day and said, "Well, I guess I'll do the circuit board." Oh my goodness, I cannot even tell you how cool it was to watch her get interested! She was figuring out what made the circuits work, what happened if you didn't do certain things, or if you did certain other things. I watched her become a little scientist right before my eyes and it was awesome! She was asking questions and doing experiments for hours with this little circuit board! She was so proud of making it work that she wanted to hang it on her wall as a night light.

You can get the Kit Hub kits for $10-$15 each and they also have classroom kits! There's a discount, too! Save 10% on your order with the code SCHOOL10. Let me know what you decide to make with your kiddo!

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  1. My nephews would love these!!

  2. Cassidy ciazza9:39 PM

    This is sooo cool! I am going to look into these as Christmas gifts

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