The Traveling Sisterhood: PlayitForward Kids, A New Subscription Box You've Got to See!

Thursday, August 4

PlayitForward Kids, A New Subscription Box You've Got to See!

PlayitForward Kids is such a unique subscription box! It encourages our children to "play it forward" by not only playing but by doing a good deed. This box included a tag and the idea to clean a random person's bike for them. How cool is that?!
I was so impressed with our first PlayitForward box! As you can see, it came stuffed full. It included everything (and I mean everything) you need to sell lemonade and even clean up afterward, down to the lemonade packets, cups, and straws. In case you haven't guessed it, “Playitforward Kids" is a monthly activity box created for kids to learn early on how to give to others all while having fun and playing together.

Last Saturday we had a garage sale and the girls were so excited to head outside and sell their lemonade! Boy oh boy, was it ever hot with some crazy humidity! Everyone that came to the garage sale was hot--it was the kind of heat where you're sweating after just being outside a few minutes. But it made for a great setting for selling lemonade! We're having another garage sale next weekend and they're going to do it again. I love that the PlayitForward box encouraged them to be little entrepreneurs and philanthropists. It was definitely a great experience!
The PlayitForward Kids box is definitely wonderful! This is one of those boxes I'll actually be purchasing with my own money and that says a lot for this frugal mama!  Come back and let me know what you do with the good deed in your PIF box if you decide to sign up. I'd love to hear about it!
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Special thanks to the wonderful people at PIF for providing us with this box for review.


  1. This sounds like such a nice idea to show kids how to do good deeds whIle playing.

  2. I like the concept of this box. Not only do the kids have something to create, make, and do, they are also making the world a better place.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. What a fabulous concept!!!

  4. Tamalyn L.12:00 AM

    Great idea! Hadn't heard of this one!

  5. First time hearing about this. I really like the concept of this subscription box. This is a good one for the kiddies!

  6. Very good idea from this subscription box

  7. I admire and support any product that encourages virtues. Great tool.