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Friday, September 23

10 of the Best Educational Freebies On-line!

I love freebies! Who doesn't?! My favorite store has a new program--if you review a product after purchase that cost you at least $1, they'll give you $2 back in store credit making even the items below that you pay for FREE... kinda sorta. ;) Some of them are $0 at the outset, some are $1, some $2. All the details are below. Now have fun with your kiddos and these goodies! Let me know if you find any other great deals at Educents!

Use a multi-sensory approach with CVC words to help your little learners practice reading and writing super sentences! This freebie is the perfect way to practice the rules for good sentences all while reading simple words and sight words. Get Super Sentences Here!
Add this set to your doll and play home areas in your classroom or use at home in your child's playroom or bedroom. Little kids will love setting up their baby care center complete with signs and forms. Simply add your own dolls and begin to play!   I recommend laminating some sheets or placing in a protector that you can use a dry erase marker on so that you can use the sheets over and over again to cut down on printing costs.  Includes: Store front sign, Open/Closed signs, Drop Off/Pick Up signs, Hours sheet, List and form for babies in attendance, Variety of area signs, Menu, birthday, and schedule sheets to fill in, Sign in/out sheet, Daily report card, Baby information card, Picture labels for baby care items. My daughter loves this one! Get the Baby Care Center here!
 This is a set of 37 cards for your student to look at when they need a quick reminder. Parts of speech included in this set are verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns as well as as some extras like parts of a sentence, abbreviations and commas. Several blank cards are also included. Get them here!

 Make daily school planning easier with these FREE planning sheets.  Includes pre-filled subject sheets and blank subject sheets in 5 assorted colors. Get them here!

Free word search puzzle with a planet theme! Get it here.

Sentence Building for Little Learners mixes writing, spelling, understanding sentence structure, and drawing with a fun theme!  The word tiles used to build the sentences fit well in mini pocket charts. Laminate the tiles and picture cards for longer use.  Included in this planet themed pack: - A picture for each planet plus the Sun. Pluto is included as well. - Easy sentences for each planet and the Sun. - A worksheet where your student will write the unscrambled sentence, spell the planet's name (or Sun), and draw a picture. Get Sentence Building for Little Learners Here!
 Looking for a fun FREEBIE to add to your space unit or study of the solar system? This is it! Help students remember the names and order of the planets with this lift-the-flap activity. Get Planets Lift-the-Flap Here!

There are three flip book options to best meet your students' needs: Option 1: Each page contains a labeled diagram for students to complete, as well short text about the system with blanks for students to fill in. Option 2: Each page contains an unlabeled diagram for students to complete, as well short text about the system with blanks for students to fill in.  Option 3: Each page contains an unlabeled diagram for students to complete, as well as blank lines for students to write information about each body system.   Booklet Pages are: My Body Systems Book cover page and My Muscles*, My Bones and Skeletal System, My Brain and Nervous System, My Heart and Circulatory System, My Lungs and Respiratory System, My Stomach and Digestive System, My Kidneys and Urinary System, Teacher directions for putting the book together and an answer.  *Please note that the "My Muscles" page requires color ink to print. Even though the muscles in the graphic are gray, they will not show up if you print in grayscale or without a color ink cartridge. Get the Human Body Systems Flapbook Here!

 Try your hand at dozens of science mysteries (with solutions included) that will keep you entertained--and eager to learn more! This entertaining and educational book is great for kids, grown-ups, educators, and anyone who loves good mysteries, good science, or both! This free, downloadable condensation provides an introduction and sample content to this fun, award-winning book. Get One Minute Mysteries Here!

And last but not least!!... We all do it. We pin science experiments and think "oh, I can do that with my kids!" but then we never do. We forget about it. We pin too many items. We don't feel organized enough to gather the materials. We aren't sure how to make it not only fun but also educationally worthwhile.

Well, here ya go! This bundle of EIGHT experiments is all organized and ready to use!

Each experiment has:
CLEAR DIRECTIONS for student use
RECORDING SHEETS for student use
SUPPLY LIST and TEACHER NOTES for teacher use

All you need to do is print this bundle, provide supplies and organize groups!

Experiments included:
Nails for Breakfast (finding iron in cereal)
Lava Lamp (observing effects of bubbles, oil and water)
Magic Dollar (learning about special ink)
Pencil Presto (observing Polymer chains in action)
Fireworks in a Jar (observing effects of oil, water and dye)
Borax Balls (making bouncy balls)
Shake It Up (making butter)
Crazy Raisins (observing the effect of bubbles on an object)
For all the details on Educents' "Earn Edubucks Review Program" click here.

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