The Traveling Sisterhood: Bring History Alive this Christmas with History Unboxed! #Discount

Thursday, October 27

Bring History Alive this Christmas with History Unboxed! #Discount

I was so excited when I opened our first History Unboxed... box!  You see, I minored in Anthropology and the civilization that fascinated me the most was the Indus Valley Civilization and this was the theme of the box we received, centered around toys and games! The Indus Valley Civilization sprang up about 5000 years ago and archaeologists have uncovered so much in the area!  Everything from toys to board and dice games.  I'm especially impressed with History Unboxed because the creator of it has done everything I would do had I the time.  She makes it easy for me, right down to the pen pal-like letter from Ava, who travels through time and the world to bring us exciting history.

The box was filled with a terracotta bird whistle, Henna dye, wooden dice set, unicorn sticker/seal, instructions, pen pal letter, and detailed info on the culture. Comprehensive and perfect!
The object of the game: roll better than your opponent! We also played and learned about other ancient games and toys people enjoyed as long ago as 3000 BC. I love sharing and learning along with my kids, actually living history with them!

Our favorite thing in the box truly amazed us.  We filled the terracotta bird with water, blew into it, and the song was as lovely as any songbird's!  We experimented with different water levels and breaths to get just the right sound. Check out our video clip below to see our progress as we learned to use it beautifully. These clay bird whistles are known to have been around as early as 1000 AD. How incredible is that?!

Let's be real, my friends. Growing up, you probably hated history. But history is amazing! I never realized just how incredible it was until I accidentally signed up for an archaeology class in college and dove right into it, immersing myself in incredible cultures and discovering amazing people who lived thousands of years ago. This is the most perfect way to bring History alive for the special kid in your life, a gift that will bless them in a lasting way. Since this box, we've done two more and each was incredible so I recommend a History Unboxed Gift Subscription with all my heart.
You can choose your History Unboxed in a theme: Pharaohs or Alexander the Great, or a Welcome Box (which includes a time capsule and all kinds of cool stuff to go along with it) and a 1 or 3 month Subscription. Save 25% on your entire and receive free shipping plus 5% back in store credit with the code BLISS through Tuesday November 29th!


  1. It sounds like an incredible box. I myself would have enjoyed it as a kid

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I love this idea for something "different" than toys! And the discount is nice too ;)

  3. This definitely sounds like an awesome and educational box! I need to get this for my oldest daughter! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is such a unique gift! I have never heard of it!