The Traveling Sisterhood: Butterfly Garden Review: The Perfect Educational Gift to Spark Curiosity and Wonder

Thursday, October 27

Butterfly Garden Review: The Perfect Educational Gift to Spark Curiosity and Wonder

About 5 years ago, my children and I hatched Painted Lady butterflies.  It was simply magical!  They were very young then and don't remember the experience except through pictures, so I've ordered another kit for them. It includes everything you need to hatch and learn about 10 butterflies.  When we did this last time, we ended up with 9 gorgeous Painted Ladies!
Once you're ready, you send in a form that comes with the Butterfly Garden for your 10 free caterpillars and their food.  We'll be ordering ours early this upcoming Spring. Last time, they arrived safely via USPS. They quickly ate and grew, forming cocoons on the lid of their container.  We simply unscrewed the lid and attached it to the side of the Butterfly Garden so they could have a nice space to emerge about a week later.
The day they began to emerge was amazing! My youngest daughter woke me up exclaiming that we had a butterfly. Throughout the day, nine butterflies emerged, simply gorgeous. We let them go out into the world a few days later. Every child should experience this at least once! Such an incredible way to learn about God's amazing creation!
The Butterfly Garden is the perfect gift because it's something they'll never forget. Since you don't need to order the caterpillars until you're ready, it can be done this spring which will be here before we know it! It will give the kids something to look forward to. Even though mine have already done it once, they've asked me a few times, "Mom, when can we order our new caterpillars?" This is one gift that will be a hit for much more than a day or two, unlike most of the toys they get and end up playing with once!
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  1. This is SO cool and magical! I have two daughters that would absolutely love to have their own butterfly garden! :) I will definitely have to look into getting one of these! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cool -- I would love to get this for my granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Both of my children love butterflies. I have thought about giving them a butterfly garden.