The Traveling Sisterhood: Cheap and Charming Holiday Gift Wrapping thanks to The Dollar Tree!

Tuesday, October 11

Cheap and Charming Holiday Gift Wrapping thanks to The Dollar Tree!

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Can you believe Christmas is only about 2 months away? I like to get a head start so that I'm not rushing around at the last minute so I stopped by the Dollar Tree on the way home the other day to see what Christmasy items they already had.  I was thrilled to find a nice variety of adorable and gorgeous gift wrapping items. I love to wrap presents beautifully but don't want to spend a fortune!  I found some cute buckets that will be perfect for cookies (a 2-pack for $1 each) along with a spool of 6 yards of nice satin ribbon, some cute plastic baskets, tissue paper, wicker baskets, and some beautiful boxes.
I filled the Dollar Tree gift box with some of my favorite natural beauty products and decorated it with the tissue paper and tied the box in the green ribbon I found at the store. I added some Christmas decorations I purchased in a giant, discount-sized box of ornaments last year.  Simple yet elegant!

Another Dollar Tree gift basket filled with natural products--all featuring honey, one of my favorite things in all the world!  I wove a length of the satin ribbon through it and doesn't it look beautiful?! They also have plush toys that would be so adorable to add to your wrapping!

Did you know you can also shop The Dollar Tree on-line? Just click the banner above to shop. Let me know if you find anything exciting, and I'd love to see pictures!


  1. Yum that manuka honey sounds divine! I've got a huge sweet tooth so I'd probably eat a whole bag of their candies in one sitting lol!

  2. Wow this is awesome! Love the dollar tree way too much!