The Traveling Sisterhood: Try Body Armour, the New Natural Sportsdrink, with a Coupon!

Thursday, September 29

Try Body Armour, the New Natural Sportsdrink, with a Coupon!

It’s time to rethink your sports drink!  I didn't realize there was a better-for-you sports drink out there and that it was natural... and so widely available and absolutely delicious! Unlike the ones we were used to before, BODYARMOR is a thicker juice--so much more satisfying than your traditional drinks that just taste like flavored water.  It's a natural sports drink with more potassium packed electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins, low in sodium,  contains natural flavors, natural sweeteners and no artificial colors – unlike other sports drinks on the market. It’s a GREAT choice for active kids like mine!
BODYARMOR comes in 8-great tasting flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry, grape and blackout berry. Our favorites are the blackout berry and tropical punch, but all of them are delicious!

Grab your coupon for .50 off a bottle of BODYARMOR! Print 2 and save $1 on 2 different varieties. You can find it at Fry’s, Safeway, Albertson’s, and Target. Let me know if you try it and love it!

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  1. I love the combination of ingredients, sounds delicious and I know I've seen these at my local grocer. Thanks for the review!