The Traveling Sisterhood: New, Imaginative Toys from Neat-oh for Unique Gift Giving!

Friday, November 25

New, Imaginative Toys from Neat-oh for Unique Gift Giving!

Star Wars, Barbie, and more! Neat-Oh makes so many incredible and unique things that go along with the toys my kiddos love to play with from the Barbie Jet Set Hotel and Decorator Magnets to Star Wars Play Mat, and everything inbetween.
The Barbie Barbie Jet Set Hotel is essentially a carrying case for your daughter's favorite Barbie. It comes with Decorator Magnets that I had fun playing with! My daughter will be getting this one for Christmas.
I love how easily it folds up and can be carried around for trips. We travel a lot so I'm thrilled for an easy travel-toy that will entertain her for hours!
My son was soooooo excited about the Star Wars Play Mat. It's hugemongous and exactly what he's been needing...
... for his Star Wars Lego sets! Now he can play with them on the floor on an actual Star Wars landscape. So cool!
My youngest daughter was excited to receive Julia as a surprise today, a new friend for the Everyday Princess she already has. The backpack is an adorable house and, like the Barbie case, it's wonderful for travel and imaginative play.

These toys are only a selection of the super cool things Neat-oh has this year. They also make stuff for Hot Wheels, Magnutto, Splushy, Dinosaurs, and other awesome toys. Check out everything they have at their website and let me know what you like best. You can find the entire Neat-oh line on Amazon so these are perfect for last minute holiday shopping (Prime, woohoo!!)
Which one is your favorite?

Special thanks to the wonderful people at KidStuff PR and Neat-Oh! for providing us with this toy to review and give away!

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  1. The backpack one is definitely my favorite; I love the portability!!!!!