The Traveling Sisterhood: How I Made $10000 Blogging an Hour a Day in 2016: The Free, Step-by-Step How-to Guide

Friday, December 30

How I Made $10000 Blogging an Hour a Day in 2016: The Free, Step-by-Step How-to Guide

So here's the run down, my blogging friends:
ShareASale (SAS): $5,407
Educents: $3,475
SoFab: $375
Adsense: $104
Commission Junction: $58
Random Sponsored Posts: $650
Total: $10,069

As you can see, SAS is my biggest earner. I wrote all about their affiliate platform in this series of posts. Educents was my 2nd biggest and by far the funnest! They have a great Facebook group, sweet people to work with, and they provide huge bonuses. Most of my earnings from them actually came from affiliate bonuses like "Sell the most Hooked-on-Phonics stuff this week, and win $150 on top of your commission." Stuff like that. I did just 3 sponsored posts for SoFab. Those are super fun "shoppertunities" but the applications can be time-consuming so I didn't invest as much time into them as into Educents and SAS. Commission Junction... meh. I haven't gotten into using it yet. Similar to SAS but not as many bonus opportunities and I just don't prefer the platform. SAS is much more user-friendly, imo, but some people love CJ so it's worth checking out. As for Adsense, that's Blogger's ad program. They allow me to place 3 ads in my sidebars and they're not annoying so I keep them up, but they only bring in about $100 a year for me. No effort on my part and $100 so I'll take it. ;) So there you have it, my friends! Click the hyperlinks throughout this paragraph for more detailed info into each program--how to sign up, how best to use it, samples of e-mails to send to companies, etc. 

 Here's to a productive 2017!

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  1. Congrats! This is awesome! Good for you.
    I've never heard of Educents and will check them out.

  2. congratulations, will this be a monthly thing, or just the highest you done so far?

  3. Awesome. I'm trying to get a hang of SAS in what works and what doesn't.

  4. That's a super and sounds so easy. I am an affiliate on Share-a-Sale plus a few others but can't seem to get things going. Hoping 2017 is the year to earn.

  5. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I subscribe to SAS and have several ads on my side bar but would love to figure out how to get that to work for me better money wise.

  7. Can you tell me more about what you do in the hour a day you spend on your blog?

  8. Awesome!! I hope to be where you are soon! And it's good to know that even bigger bloggers only bring in about $100 per year through Adsense. I'm also glad it's rather effortless.

  9. What a great achievement! Congrats!

    1. This is very helpful and thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge...

  10. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations to you...