The Traveling Sisterhood: Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Subscription Box Edition! The Best Boxes of 2016

Thursday, December 22

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Subscription Box Edition! The Best Boxes of 2016

Ok guys, it’s 2 days until Christmas and you still don’t have a gift for cousin X, friend Y and sister Z. Now imagine how much you would love it if someone gifted you a subscription box! So then... how much would they love it?! Here are my favorites and there's something for everyone!

For the new baby in the family or the mama to be: BabyBin! They provide you with products you need, when you need them. That’s why their monthly shipments aren’t one-size-fits-all, but are dependent on the child’s age, gender, and developmental stage. Gift 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.
For the Christian: Devotions Delivered! Every month, your gift recipient will receive 4 (5x7) prints paired with inspirational scriptures and an inspiring devotional. I loved these! The prints are also postcards (US postcard postage included which is very awesome!) so you can spread His message.
Imperial Glamour is a monthly beauty subscription box that is filled to the bring with "high quality, natural, organic and vegan products" all revolving around a monthly theme. The best gift for the princess or queen in your life!
For the mommy who deserves some pampering: Mommy Mailbox! This box comes beautifully packaged once  a month with a variety of fancy treats, cosmetics, and accessories. Boxes ship free the first week of every month so she'll get her box in early January.
For the reader: Books on Dragon Wings! Packed full of great stuff surrounding a quarterly fantasy book theme, this is one of my favorite subscription boxes of the year. Order the most recent Mermaid themed box and your giftee will receive it within a few days! Use the code TSIS10 to save 10% on either a gift purchase or subscription.

For the Canadian: Bathorium! Every month, Bathorium delivers luxurious bath products throughout Canada. Let me tell you, this coconut vanilla bath bomb smelled so absolutely amazing throughout my house! A wide variety of box choices with different prices makes this a very affordable gift subscription.

For the girl with the green thumb... or the guy: Bloomin' Bin! I gave this one to my hubby as an early Christmas gift and he loved it! Each month, your giftee will receive a variety of plants, pots, and other goodies to go along with them. I received 4 succulents and planted them in the included pots. Love!

For the lovely: Fruit for Thought! This box comes so beautifully and truly thoughtfully packaged. The December theme was Cranberry Orange. The best thing about this box is that you can choose a certain past box you think she'll love and send her that one! Or you can surprise her with a 3 month subscription.

For the superhero fan: Ladies of Legend. Each month, a comic book star is featured. This time--Wonder Woman! The box came with a variety of fun items themed around this lady of legend--the "comic" itself is a nice hardcover that's actually 5 comics in one. I've always been an X-men kind of girl, so I don't know a lot about Wonder Woman so I'm really looking forward to learning more before I watch the new movie!

For the fitness guy or girl: BuffBoxx! Now this box blew me away--it came with not only some great snacks, but a fun tank, backpack, and super nice leggings by Reebok with a retail value of about $50! Those paid for the box in and of themselves.

For the science fiction geek: Supply Pod! This month--Star Wars! Last month, Dr. Who! Each month, Supply Pod brings you the coolest sci-fi items revolving around a theme, and they always include a science experiment, too, which is awesome! My son loved the Rogue One wall decals. We also received a t-shirt, kite, and Star Wars rocket. Those are going under the Christmas tree!

For the guy: The People's Choice Beef Jerky Box! My hubby was thrilled about this box. He kept asking, "Babe, why don't you ever get me anything to review?" Well, I got him this one and he was a happy camper. It came with 5 different types of fancy jerky--impressive!

For the scrapbooker or card maker: Creative Mercantile. Every month, she'll receive a box of goodies surrounding a theme. November's theme was "Thankfulness" and included a wide variety of inspiring items I can't wait to get crafty with!

For the adventurous foodie: The Bon Appetit Box! Every month, they'll receive a box of fabulous items from France. I loved the Petits Toasts--they were delicious. A taste adventure! Use the code CELENABAB to get $10 off the first box!

For the anime lover: The Bokksu Box! I've tried a variety of Japan-themed boxes and this one is by far my favorite! It came with so many fun goodies you actually can't find in American stores.... plus tea! Anyone who sends me tea gets bonus points!

Just right click, save, and then print on cardstock to the size you want. Write the name of the subscription box you've purchased on the back (be sure to include how many months) and sign it with love. :)

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  1. BabyBin would have been a lovely gift for my niece. She has a new baby girl this year and I know she would appreciate this.
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