The Traveling Sisterhood: 100 Companies That Send Free Food to Bloggers!

Monday, January 2

100 Companies That Send Free Food to Bloggers!

The following companies send free 
food to bloggers. Can't beat free food and when the brand allows giveaways, those get the most entrants by far! Simply send them an e-mail request. If they are an affiliate program (notated by a *), wait for their approval e-mail before making your request. For free samples of successful e-mail requests, see the post here. For all of the brands marked with a *, you'll also receive commissions for any sales you bring in. The others send high value full-size items and often offer giveaways as well. It never hurts to ask! When the link goes to their website, simply scroll to the bottom or the top and click on "Contact Me" for their e-mail address. Use their Media or Press contact if there is one. Otherwise, use their customer care or any e-mail they provide. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: These are all brands I have received free items from, but that isn't a guarantee that they will offer items to everyone who requests them. ;)

 For more companies that send free items to bloggers and pay commissions, see the post here where there are 60 more organized by type.


  1. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing. I know when your able to do product reviews, it seems like your blog gets a little more notice. I'm going to try just a couple of these for now and offer to do a review for them as well.

  2. Thanks for all this useful information! I've had my blog for years but just recently decided to start trying to monetize and this series of articles has been so helpful!

  3. Wow! That is an extensive list! I will be saving this for future reference!