The Traveling Sisterhood: Newport Skinny Tea: Delicious, Energizing, and it Works!

Saturday, March 11

Newport Skinny Tea: Delicious, Energizing, and it Works!

I'm 38 and I have to admit, once 30 hit me, it really seemed like my metabolism suddenly slowed down! Suddenly, chasing around 4 kids was just not enough exercise to keep me fit and I couldn't eat whatever I wanted and get away with it.  Not that I eat a ton, I don't--but I do have a thing for sweets, I love carbs, and I was drinking a ton of soda to keep me energized all day (wrong way to stay energized--trust me!)  About 2 years ago, I did a diet plan for 3 months and it worked!  You couldn't drink soda with it, though, so I switched to tea.  The fact that both of my best friends drink a lot of tea definitely helped!   

Well, it turns out there is this amazing and delicious tea called Skinny Tea--it's actually the perfect combination of what you need to have energy throughout the day, curb your appetite just enough, and give you perfect rest at night.  Plus, it's delicious! Did I already say that?  I did... but it is!  It comes loose leaf--loose leaf tea always seems fresher to me and always tastes better but I really don't like those tea ball things--the tiniest pieces of tea somehow always get through and I don't like to drink it so I found these cheap little bags at Amazon.  They're perfect! 
Feeling perfect because... TEA! And also, a pretty dress. 

Newport Skinny Tea does what it says it does--"Curbs Cravings, Stops Bloat, and Enhances Energy". The combination of a diet program and Skinny Tea more than works--I cannot recommend it highly enough If you want to look better than you ever have, or as good as you did in high school, it's so worth it!  I totally wish I could post a bathing suit pic of me--but my hubby wants those for his eyes only.  ;)

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Skinny Tea for providing me with this tea to review!


  1. I have wondered about skinny tea. It looks very effective, and with no side effects.

  2. I love drinking Tea. This Skinny Tea sounds like a tea that I want to try!
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  3. I love tea! Skinny Tea definitely sounds awesome! I need to try it, thank you for sharing!:)