The Traveling Sisterhood: The #1 Thing EVERY Fur Baby's Parent Should Have on Hand!

Wednesday, March 22

The #1 Thing EVERY Fur Baby's Parent Should Have on Hand!

Last year, I thought I was going to lose my fur baby. Lucy became very sick! At first, she was simply not playful, lethargic. The next day, she wouldn't eat or drink! Calling the vet, they said to try feeding her things that were easy on her stomach--watered-down mashed potatoes and chicken broth. For another couple of days, she would eat those things--but only sitting at the table with me spoon feeding her. What made matters worse was that we were supposed to be leaving on a month-long trip to the midwest. I hugged my baby and worried about what we should do, and I have to admit, I really started worrying "what if I lose my Lucia?"
Once it was obvious she needed to go to the vet, we took her to the vet a couple of days before we were supposed to leave on our trip. They did a series of tests. It turned out she had a bacterial overgrowth in her intestines. She needed an antibiotic and something called FortiFlora... Both meds worked wonders! But if I had known about FortiFlora, I could have been giving it to her before the bacterial overgrowth became serious and it could have prevented her from getting so sick that she needed antibiotics.
FortiFlora is a probiotic that comes in both dog and cat varieties. It's live and active cultures (like what you find in yogurt) specially made for pets. You simply sprinkle it on top of their food. It must taste delicious because Lucy loves it and thinks of it as a treat! We bought our first box from the vet for about $40. I wish I would have had a box on hand, as sells them for $25--I could have saved $15! Now I always keep a box in the pantry and feed Lucy a packet about twice a week just to keep her intestinal health up. Everyone should have a box of this stuff! Then you'll be ready if your fur baby comes up with diarrhea. It may prevent you from paying a big vet bill and it will give you peace of mind, keeping your little angel healthy.
While I was taking the pretty FortiFlora blog photo, Lucy came up and said, "What are my treats doing up there, mom?!" She knocked the bowl down with her paw and WHOOSH! kibbles all over the floor! At least she didn't mind cleaning up the mess. ;)
The best place to get FortiFlora at a discount is They have both the cat and dog varieties for $24.69! So much better than the vet's $40...

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  1. I bet that was a mess she loved to clean up! Thanks for the feedback. :)