The Traveling Sisterhood: Modarri Wins Best Toy in The Traveling Sisterhood's Kids' Choice Award!

Monday, April 10

Modarri Wins Best Toy in The Traveling Sisterhood's Kids' Choice Award!

My son absolutely loves his Modarri cars! This is one toy that never ceases to be exciting. I just ordered him a new car body pack and he is going to be thrilled to receive it in the mail. Here, our Lego Friends are going on an adventure with their new Camo Car and Beach Cruzer.  My daughter was so excited for the chance to build her own Modarri car!  It's a beauty.  And the Camo Car is super cool, too.  The camouflage is really working for this guy!
She's ready for adventure!

And so is he!
They're going on an off road adventure to find the perfect camping spot!

They made it and even set up their campfire just as dusk was setting in!

The Camo Car and Beach Cruzer come in a set, or you can get them separately.  There are also tons of other Modarri carsI think my son has the entire collection now and he's always eager for the newest vehicles! To be honest, his sisters think they're super cool, too!

Modarri Cars are so awesome because kids build them themselves and you can mix and match their parts down to the smallest details.  Plus they're very high quality and there are cars to appeal to both boys and girls. My kids have been playing with their oldest Modarri cars for about 2 years consistently and never has a piece broken!


  1. Tamalyn L.8:08 AM

    Definitely getting some of these for my boys - thank you!

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