The Traveling Sisterhood: The Art of Correspondence: Gorgeous Mailings à la All Colour Envelopes

Sunday, April 2

The Art of Correspondence: Gorgeous Mailings à la All Colour Envelopes

As an avid letter writer who's often moving from place to place, I'm constantly on the lookout for creative stationery and envelopes.  When I received my first package in the mail from All Colour Envelopes, I was thrilled!  Their envelopes are gorgeous, come in such a wide variety for any type of mailing needs from business mailings to personal letter writing.  I was very impressed.  

Old-fashioned letter styles are just one option with All Colour Envelopes
Speaking of first impressions, whenever a company I'm blogging for sends me products in attractive packaging, they really stand out more than most of the others.  That was one of the first things I thought of when I opened my package--these would be so perfect for marketing mailings.  Very eye-catching!    

Every size and color... I'm going to use the cute smaller envelopes to leave little notes to my kiddos.  They love words of affirmation and surprises.  I also really like the idea of sending colorful business envelopes through the post.

The metallic envelopes are gorgeous!  Also, each of the envelopes has a peel off tape seal on them.  No licking these!  Very simple and clean.  Have to love that additional touch.   

As you can see from my photos, there is such a wide variety of packaging from these super pretty poly gloss and metallic padded bubble bags to foil bags, vibrant colored envelopes, and even black ones.  It was so hard for me to decided what style I wanted to use first, but I must admit I can't wait to head to the store and get a white paint pen so that I can use those black envelopes.  White on black looks so classy!

While All Colour Envelopes is based in the UK, they do send their products all over the world.  It only took 3 business days for me to receive my package from them.  

 We all have those Facebook friends who are little more than acquaintances we see every once in awhile.  About three years ago, one of mine wrote a status update asking if anyone wanted to be pen pals.  I knew she was looking for an out-of-state pen pal, but even though we live in the same zip code, I commented "I'll be your pen pal!"  It sounded fun, and she took me up on it.  What started as something silly turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life!
  We began to write letters.  We went all out--wax seals, stationary, and all.  We wrote about our favorite things, our past, our families.  It turned out we had so much more in common than we ever imagined.  We discovered the kinds of things you rarely discover with even your best friends and we became best friends not only through letter, but in real life.  Last year, something happened that devastated me.  It was something I could talk to very few people about.  But I could talk to her.  In real life, she prayed with me.  By mail, she encouraged me.  I trusted her with my deepest secrets, we can tell each other anything, and I don't think we could ever have been so close if we had not become pen pals.

Since then, I've begun writing letters to a couple other friends--one who lives a couple states away and one who lives here.  In every circumstance, it's drawn us closer together.  It's exciting to get a text saying "Celena, I mailed you a letter today!" and to eagerly wait for it. Or not to get a text at all but to be surprised by a letter from one of my dearest friends. It's wonderful to sit down and thoughtfully write a letter back, with a cup of tea at my side, thinking about how to get creative with the envelope. Maybe some artwork. Maybe some writing.

So if you write a status update requesting a pen pal, or if you decide to just start writing letters to one of your good friends who happens to live in the same town, your life will be so much richer for it. I promise!


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I believe that we (as a society) have lost the art of correspondence. I still send a TON of snail mail and will be sure to check out this company. Kudos and happy Saturday :)

  2. I have always loved collecting pretty stationary. I still like to write notes and letters and send cards. I do tell my children to do that also.
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  3. I agree with the above comments! These are lovely!!

  4. Those are such beautiful papers and envelopes! I remember picking out special paper for pen pals back in the 80s.