The Traveling Sisterhood: SunBasket Organic Food Delivery: $30 off Discount!

Wednesday, May 17

SunBasket Organic Food Delivery: $30 off Discount!

 I feel like a chef and I do believe my husband loves me more than he already did! For the last 3 days, we've been eating meals by SunBasket--healthy cooking made easy with fresh seasonal, organic ingredients sourced from farms on the West Coast & delicious recipes delivered weekly. My absolute favorite thing about SunBasket is that I try things I never would have tried otherwise.  I'm a girl who grew up eating no other veggies than green beans and corn so I was wary of cooked cauliflower but I actually really liked it--the chef who designs these recipes is amazing! 

My first SunBasket was free but I've already ordered another!  Above are the recipes I'll be cooking next time.  Sunbasket says each meal is enough for 2 people but the portion sizes are very, very generous.  For our family, the meals amounted to 3 filling servingsFor 2 of the meals I did, I actually added an additional side item and fed my entire family of 6, though my children do eat small portion sizes.  I was surprised at the amount of food included! And the quality, all organic sourced from CA, has been wonderful. You can purchase a larger plan if your family is bigger eaters than mine. ;)

Each meal comes packaged in a paper bag. Ingredients are pre-measured and so incredibly fresh!  I was very impressed.  With your first SunBasket purchase (remember you get $30 off and they have a moneyback guarantee!), you'll receive 3 times this amount of food--one batch of recipe ingredients in each of 3 bags.  The box you receive is huge and is very well packaged--Nothing was broken or bruised.  The first recipe I tried was Rigatoni with Parsley Pesto and White Beans, a vegan meal. I'm not at all a vegan kind of girl, but... was so, so, so delicious!  The pesto was the best I've ever tasted and the arugula added the perfect fresh flavor and nice crunch. It was like eating Summertime in a bowl.  As the pesto came pre-made and as I really want to be able to make this dish again for friends, I asked SunBasket for the recipe and they obliged. I can't wait to make it again! Next time, instead of the beans, I'll add oven-baked chicken.


  1. I can't seem to figure out where the giveaway buttons are on this post? Are they missing or am I just not looking in the right spot? Thanks!

    1. I'm so sorry--this one is supposed to be only a discount and not a giveaway. Thanks for pointing it out. So sorry about the confusion! :(

  2. That looks like a tasty pasta dish.