The Traveling Sisterhood: July 2017

Sunday, July 30

What Did We Find in our July Degustabox? Come and See!

Peering into the July Degustabox, and what did they find?

Entenmann's Apple Pie Minis were the biggest cause for excitement... and they were so good!

Bean Crisps. Something healthy to pack in the hubby's lunch box!

Ritz Crisp & Thins. I crunched these up, coated chicken tenders in egg wash, covered in the crumbs and baked at 375 for 30 minutes. They were so delicious!

My family is fine with gluten but I love the lower carb option these muffins provided. They were so incredibly good with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, fresh and warm out of the oven!

Julian's Recipe Lemon Waffle Thins. These were my favorite thing in the box--I LOVE lemon desserts. And my kids and husband don't. More for me! And these were divine. I devoured them with a good book and I was in heaven.

Go Chu Jang Barbecue Sauce! And we were running low. One of my daughters likes BBQ on almost everything so I was super glad to see this in the box.

Brianna's Home Style Cilantro Lime Dressing. We've tried this (very good) brand in their Strawberry flavor so I knew this would be delicious. And it definitely is!

Navitas Naturals Sweet Maple Nut Bar. My son is a granola bar fanatic. He gave this one 2 thumbs up, and so did I, when I saw the great ingredients.

Sir Kensington's Ketchup. Can't go wrong with ketchup... even when it's the less salty, healthy version!

Viter Energy Caffeinated Breath Mints. These are awesome for popping in when you need a quick burst of energy! Especially for on the go.

Last but not least, I was thrilled to see another box of Pure Growth Organic Oatmeal! I love this stuff, as you may have seen in my Degustabox review last month.
The best thing about Degustabox is that it's filled with so much stuff--full size products (10-15 of them!) and when I was all well and better, I realized they had saved me one of my favorite things... Get your first Degustabox for 50% off. That's just $10--and the value of the box is always about triple that! Just use the code DEGUSTA10. Enjoy!