The Traveling Sisterhood: August 2017

Wednesday, August 23

Degustabox August Review - Stuffed So Full It Could Hardly Close!

My August Degustabox arrived so full I couldn't figure out how they had closed it! Whoever packaged it must have had some increidible Tetris skills. It came right before lunch and I had just been wondering what I should make for the kids. The enclosed Dole peaches in gelatin and Goya cookies caught my eye...

.... and as I unpacked the box, I saw the box of Welch's Fruit Rolls (made with real fruit) which I had glossed over at first. I thought how fun it would be to make a picnic style lunch with those goodies and some small turkey sandwiches on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. I was right! I rang the lunch bell and the kids came rushing down to see what lunch was. They were thrilled! I love how easy Degustabox makes being a mom!

The best thing about Degustabox is that it's filled with so much stuff--full size products (10-15 of them!) and when I was all well and better, I realized they had saved me one of my favorite things... Get your first Degustabox for 50% off. That's just $10--and the value of the box is always about triple that! Just use the code DEGUSTA10. Enjoy!