The Traveling Sisterhood: American Girl-like Starpath Dolls for Only $69 at Educents! #HolidayGiftGuide2017

Wednesday, November 8

American Girl-like Starpath Dolls for Only $69 at Educents! #HolidayGiftGuide2017

My beautiful little girl loves her new Starpath doll so much! At $69 on sale, she's an amazing price. *Coupon at the bottom of this post. As you can see, my daughter wanted to braid her hair to match her doll. An American Girl had been on her wishlist for a long time... until she saw Morning Star. More beautiful than any other 18 inch dolls we've come across, her hair is very soft, and her arms and legs are poseable so that she can even stand up on her own.

Starpath Dolls were recently launched by a mom inspired by her daughter's love of reading. Each of the four dolls comes with a book you can personalize for your daughter. First you choose a chapter book -- currently A Fairy Tale Gone Wrong or Tiger Magic -- then fill in a few questions to create the story’s characters. Customized details are woven throughout every page of the book, making it truly her story. Paperback versions of the chapter book are sold separately ($20) and arrive by postal mail in approximately one week. Or choose an instant e-book, free with each doll purchase.

These dolls are the best Christmas gift for anyone with a little girl from 5 - 12. At $69 with free shipping, they’re more affordable than other 18” dolls and every bit as high quality, and I love that each one is so unique, very different from a lot of the other doll companies out there. My girls bring their Starpath Dolls everywhere, and they receive so many compliments on their beauty.

We love how Starpath Dolls combine play, reading and imagination. It's no wonder that they've already won an award!

Books and dolls are always a sure bet when shopping for a special girl on the Holiday list. But a perfect present would be one where your girl and her doll are written into the storybook! Imagine her surprise on Christmas morning when she reads about herself in a make-believe adventure with her new dolly!

So far, Morning Star and Wishing Star are a part of our family. My oldest daughter recently ordered Shining Star who should be arriving by mail any day. We can't wait!
  If you've never purchased anything from Educents before, you can get a $10 coupon here. This will sign you up for their e-mail newsletter, but don't worry, they only send e-mails about once a week. This is the way I keep in the know with all of their sales. ;)

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  1. Brittani adams9:59 AM

    Those are really nice. Every gir wants them and the price tag you just cannot beat.