The Traveling Sisterhood: Circuit Scribe is The Silver Lining for Kids Electronics! #HolidayGiftGuide2017

Thursday, November 2

Circuit Scribe is The Silver Lining for Kids Electronics! #HolidayGiftGuide2017

My son and daughter love electronics now that they've grown fond of drawing circuits with the silver pen that comes with every Circuit Scribe kit. We had the opportunity to test out the Ultimate Kit and it impressed everyone, even my husband who is an electronics buff! It all hinges on this remarkable pen Circuit Scribe has invented that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. It's the coolest thing for kids from 3rd grade all the way through high school

What I especially like about Circuit Scribe (besides that it comes with absolutely everything you need as pictured here) is that it's great for the family who knows absolutely nothing about electronics. My hubby is super smart in this area, but he works often and can't be there all the time. That's where this comes in handy! The Draw Circuits Ultimate Kit comes with a nice, big book that leads you through different activities, starting at the very basic-est of basics in electronics and gradually giving you more. The last half of the book is where kids can let their creativity juices flow. Here, my son is drawing a circuit of his name. The electricity will go from the battery, through his name written with the silver pen, to turn on a light in different colors.

 As their Circuit Scribe explains “our non-toxic silver ink makes creating circuits as easy as doodling.” They have a range of kits and bundles to choose from, perfect gifts for either boys or girls. As you can see, my girly girl has a sudden infatuation with electronics now, too!
 If you're a new Educents customer, you can get a $10 coupon here. This will sign you up for their e-mail newsletter, but don't worry, they only send e-mails about once a week. This is the way I keep in the know with all of their sales. Happy shopping!


  1. Love this post, think I have a new item on my Christmas list.

  2. Vidya P7:27 AM

    This definitely seems so innovative! I never knew about this product which seems like a Great way to spend those winter evenings indoors.

  3. This looks like a fun and educational activity for kids!

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