The Traveling Sisterhood: The Educational Holiday Gift Guide of 2017: Top Picks for Every Child!

Wednesday, November 1

The Educational Holiday Gift Guide of 2017: Top Picks for Every Child!

All of these toys have been hand-picked by my family. We've used them and loved them through different ages and stages and we think you will, too! At the bottom of this article, you'll also find a $10 off coupon you can use toward any of these purchases. 
Meccano Meccanoid, our top pic for Boys from 8-12
cost: $95.89 (with coupon below)
Magformers, our top pick for Little Ones
cost: $21.99+ with free shipping
Pony Club Lottie, for a better-than-Barbie alternative
cost: $31.95 for horse and doll set
Modarri Customizeable Race Cars, our top pick for The Builder (their are also girly options available)
cost: $13.39

Butterfly  Garden, our top pick for kids of all ages
cost: $22.95 (includes voucher for free caterpillars)

Groovy Lab, our top pick for kids 8+ 
cost: $22/month for a 1 year sub.

Bluebee Pal, our top pick for Early Childhood
cost: $54.99 (choice of bear, lamb, lion, puppy, zebra with coupon below)
Pirasta's Giant Posters, our top pick for Young Artists
cost: $19.95 (America, New York, Funny Farm, Alphabet City)
Starpath Dolls, our top pick for girls from 6-12
cost: $69 with free shipping (with coupon below)
Circuit Scribe, our top pick for kids 8+
cost: $44.99-79.99 (-$10 with coupon below)
The Laura Ingalls Doll, our top pick for Little House Fans 
cost: $64.99 through 11/8 (with coupon below)
All of these items are available at our favorite store, Educents. If you're a new customer, you can get a $10 coupon here. Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks for the feature! Nice gift guide!

    1. You're so welcome! We think you guys are so amazing!

  2. Vidya P7:30 AM

    Thanks for a great gift guide! I only had magformers in my list but now I am updating it with these products. I like how this list has included toys across ages and price range. Thank you!!

  3. These look like great ideas for holiday and birthday gift giving!

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