The Traveling Sisterhood: Bella Mari Cosmetics Review and Samples: Beauty 100% Naturally

Friday, October 3

Bella Mari Cosmetics Review and Samples: Beauty 100% Naturally

Sometimes a product comes around that absolutely amazes you and you think "This is something I'm going to do my best to never live without."  I've been looking for a natural liquid foundation that I really love, and nothing I've tried compares to this!  In the pic below, I'm wearing Bella Mari's light honey moisturizing foundation. No photo touch-ups or anything like that.  Just perfect lighting and perfect makeup.  ;)  You need only a very thin amount of the foundation for full coverage, and I use a light dusting of mineral powder on top.  This makeup makes me feel prettier than anything I've ever used before.  I get so many compliments lately!  I was surprised it only costs $24 because it's amazing stuff, and it will probably last me a year.  It's a hundred times better than that stuff the beautician tried to sell me at Ulta and it's half the price!  My mom also uses it , also, and she looks 10 years younger (I know I totally sound like a commercial but I'm being sincere--I can actually tell if she's wearing it or not by how young she looks when she is).  

I've also been using their organic skin rejuvenator, conditioning rinse, and spf 30 tinted lotion in ivory.  I really like the spf lotion for those days at the pool, and I use the skin rejuvenator every night before bed.  The conditioner didn't work for me--my hair is very tangly, thick, and curly so I have to use a thick conditioner.  This one smells amazing and worked as a shampoo but not as a conditioner for me.  I'd recommend it for thinner or straight hair, though.  I especially love how everything smells--a mix of oils like orange, bergamot, olive, and rose.  Even the foundation is that way.  Everything is also 100% natural.  I wish I could make my blog scratch 'n sniff so that you could try these scents! 

I really wish I could give you all sample of the foundation, especially, b/c I know you'd fall in love like my mom and I have.  You can actually order a sample for $1--these sample sizes lasted me about a week and they were perfect for deciding which color was perfect for my skin tone. My readers can also save 15% off a minimum $25 order with the code sister15 (free s/h if order is over $50 after discounts).  Expires Dec. 31, 2014.

Let me know if you decide to try them out and what you think! 

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Nature Brands for providing me with this review opportunity!


  1. These sound like great products. How fun that both you and your mother use them - very cool!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I love that you only use a small amount so it goes a long way. The color looks great on you!