The Traveling Sisterhood: Djeco Art Kits: Oil Pastels and Glitter Art #Homeschool

Sunday, September 13

Djeco Art Kits: Oil Pastels and Glitter Art #Homeschool

This year, we're using Djeco as our main art curriculum.  Djeco won Best Art Supplies of the Year and after using three of their kits so far, I recommend them over any other children's art set.  I especially love Djeco because they offer a wide variety of different mediums for different ages.  Each kit includes everything you need.  They're perfect for children who are naturally artistic and children who may not be or haven't had the chance to find out.  The Djeco kits offer a wonderful opportunity for homeschooling parents who aren't artistic to give their children a great art experience.  Each kit comes with a detailed, illustrated book that kids can use to learn the techniques quickly and easily with little to no help from mom.

The first kit I want to highlight is the Djeco Glitter AnimalsWe've been studying India and the Far East so this went along perfectly.  This kit is recommended for children from 6 to 12.  My 3rd graders really enjoyed it and were able to do everything themselves.  The kit included 4 different animals on durable cardboard.  What's really cool is that no glue is involved.  You pull off paper to reveal stickiness underneath, pour on the color of glitter you want, dump off the extra, and repeat until you have a beautiful piece of glittery Eastern-style art. It provided my daughters with an hour of art.  If this set is only meant for one child, it would provide hours of art class.
The Djeco Glitter Art kit we reviewed sells for 19.99 on Timberdoodle.  Plus, you earn 20 doodle dollars with the purchase, which equals $1.00 off a future purchase. The Doodle Dollars incentive is pretty awesome, and makes everything you buy at Timberdoodle more affordable.

This semester, my children are learning about Europe.  They love geography (yes, 2nd graders can love geography)--it's so exciting to discover new places, people, and cultures, and art is a large part of every culture.  When I was notified that I'd been approved to blog for Timberdoodle, I thought it'd be awesome to find an art kit that would compliment our study of Europe.  That's when I came across Djeco Nathalie's Oil Pastel Workshop.  The set features the work of professional artist and illustrator Nathalie Novi, one of the greatest French artists specializing in the use of pastels. The workshop kit is geared towards an older child (9 and up), teen, or adult looking to expand her skills. My kiddos are a bit under the recommended age range but they're very experienced when it comes to art and have used pastels in the past.  This kit was perfect for them and it went along awesomely since we've been learning about the countries of Europe, including France.  They loved it.  I loved it.
Djeco won Best Art Supplies of the Year, and it's easy to see why!  These art kits are incredible!  After reading about them, I was expecting our first one (Djeco Nathalies Oil Pastel Workshop) to be great but it actually exceeded our expectations.  Today my youngest daughter, who is only 7, made an absolute pastel masterpiece.
Learn From One of France’s Greatest Pastel Artists

The Djeco art kits are award winners.  They're made in Paris, France, actually, and they're a family owned company.  The Djeco kits come in a variety of mediums (oil pastels, paints, glitter art, and more) and are geared toward a wide variety of ages.  While our kit was for older children, there are also kits for preschoolers and younger children.
The next Djeco art kit we'll be ordering from Timberdoodle is the Abstract Art Workshop.  I'm so excited to teach my children about another aspect of art appreciation!  They learn so much more by actually doing the art they're learning about.

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  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Marguerite B:

    I know an 11 year old who would love this. Thanks for the info.

  2. Djeco art kits are really neat, and I bet even my preteen granddaughter would enjoy doing this and hanging in her room. I like the each kit contains all you need to complete the project, then just frame and hang. Very nice product. Thank you

  3. Lovely! Looks easy and fun to do. I think my daughters would enjoy them.

  4. My daughter would love this and so would I. The colors in the kit are wonderful and I can think of many fun projects to do with this.
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  5. This kit is gorgeous! My daughter would love doing this and we could hang it up afterwards.

  6. My glitter-loving niece would love this. If I gave it to her for her birthday next month, I'd be favorite aunt for sure! ;)

  7. These are so cute. Our gals love crafting and painting with glitter would be a big yipee for them. :)

  8. I had not heard of Djeco before reading this review, thank you for the intro. I am an artist and the kids in my family have come to expect art supplies as holiday gifts from me. These kits would be perfect for the little ones.

  9. these kits are pretty neat my kids would love these even i would love doing them with them thanks for sharing