The Traveling Sisterhood: February 2015

Saturday, February 28

Elementary Box: The Teacher--or Homeschooling Mama--Care Package!

The Elementary Box is the teacher care package, because teachers take care of so much!  I really loved my box and smiled when I saw the added bonus just for me: a beautiful package of dark chocolate wrapped in ribbon.  I ordered the 4th grade box and the timing and resources were perfect! I was just preparing to teach my daughters fractions and this box included fraction square which are so great--there are a wide variety of ways to use them and my kiddos had so much fun doing math with them.  If there's a teacher in your life or a homeschooling mama, she needs this box!  So convenient, makes a teacher feel loved, and eleviates a bit of planning.  Plus, each month is tailored for that month--heart stickers and rulers for Valentine's Day were such a thoughtful touch.  Overall, I was so impressed with The Elementary Box!


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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Elementary Box for providing us with this box to review!

Wednesday, February 18

Rasmus and the Vagabond #Giveaway by the Author of Pippi Longstocking

As a little girl, I absolutely loved Pippi Longstocking.  She went on such adventures!  Maybe that's party why I feel like quite a gypsy.  I'd rather be seeing new things, going new places, spending time with people, and having my own little adventures.  I read numerous of the Pippi Longstocking books throughout middleschool and loved the movies and cartoons about her, too.  Somehow, I never realized there was another charming character created by the same author, Astrid Lindgren.  When I found out I could receive a newly republished copy of Rasmus and the Vagabond to review and give away, I thought that'd be perfect... especially as something for my little guy to read when he's a bit older. We need more adventurous boys' books!

About the book
After running away from an orphanage, nine-year-old Rasmus finds the world a cold and unfriendly place until he befriends an extraordinary tramp called Paradise Oscar. Together they meet more adventure than they ever imagined, solve a mystery, and catch the culprits. Rasmus dreams of finding a family and a home someday. But when he does, will he be able to part with his new friend and life on the road?
Children will hang onto every word as Rasmus and his unlikely friend discover hidden treasure, dodge a shady pair of villains, and rescue a lady in distress. Here’s a gripping plot interweaving cops and robbers, a deserted village, a desperate chase, and a surprising, thoroughly satisfying ending.

About the author

Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi Longstocking, Emil, and dozens of other world-famous characters, has thrilled three generations of children with her storytelling. She is the only children’s author with a literary prize, a theme park, a museum, a satellite, and a minor planet named in her honor. (After this last honor, she suggested changing her name to “Asteroid Lindgren.”) A jury appointed by Swedish Radio’s Culture Department to elect the “Author of the Millennium” voted Astrid Lindgren second after William Shakespeare. She was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal and heaps of other awards and honors.

One of my readers will win a copy of this book.  Enter below by 2/24 at 11 pm anyone's time.  I'll choose a winner the next morning.  Best of luck! 

Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. 

Thursday, February 12

Clubs Galore: The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day #11DollarsOff!

 What I first noticed about Clubs Galore is that they have such a huge range of subscription gift boxes!   The gifts keep on giving as the recipient will receive a gift every month for anywhere from 3 months to a year.  I love it!  So much better than a one-time gift of expensive flowers or food. They've got so many categories to choose from:
  • Desserts & Sweets
  • Dinner/Gift Card Club
  • Gourmet Food
  • Home & Spa
  • Beverages
  • Even Bacon!
I was sent the first month of the Gourmet Chocolates Club. The chocolates were gorgeous and so delicious!  I absolutely loved them.  I just had to share them with the entire family and we all enjoyed them so much more than any of the usual valentine's candy!  This would be the perfect gift for your valentine... or for Easter which is early this year--April 5th!  So bookmark their page.  And don't worry, no one will judge you if you want to gift a little something to yourself. ;)

More About The Chocolate Club
For true chocolate lovers only...Give someone a little taste of heaven in the form of creamy truffles, buttery caramels, premium dark chocolates, nutty nougatines and so much more. We'll send an entire pound of these award-winning sweet sensations to your recipient each and every month, crafted by small batch specialty chocolatiers throughout the country.

Our premium chocolates are created from the finest ingredients and made in small batches to insure freshness and excellence. They truly are the essence of decadence, the epitome of pure bliss. We know because we have the tough job of tasting every morsel.

Get it here for $19 Your First Month!  Use the code  SPRING11 for $11 off any club!

 Special thanks to the wonderful people at Clubs Galore for providing me with this product for review!

Wednesday, February 4

Chores Kids Can Do By Age #WithFreshanaNaturals

Kids can (and almost always should) help around the house. My kiddos actually love doing chores!  We mix it up with a fun chore chart.  Every day, they check the fridge to see what their 2 chores are.  And my kiddos are little: 5-8.  Even so, one is quite an expert at sweeping, one is awesome at folding laundry, and one is a super mopper. 

Cleaning up the dried out play-doh!

Master Sweeper ;)

Dusting with natural, safe cleaning products.

I love using Freshana Naturals because they're so safe for my kiddos to use and don't have any kind of overpowering scent like so many other cleaners we've used.  They have everything including products for laundry, pets, kitchen, floors, and you can even get them at better deals with their cleaning kits.  I've tried their laundry detergent, odor eliminator (definitely needed this one after getting our new puppy--and it works!), all-purpose cleaner, and air purifier (I especially love this stuff b/c I hate lysol and this works just as good but leaves no weird, chemically smell!)

So here's a handy list of what chores young children are capable of based on their ages: 

Ages 2-3
Help make the bed
Pick up toys and books 
Take laundry to the laundry room.
Help feed pets 

Help wipe up messes 
Dust with socks on their hands 
Mop in areas with help 

Ages 4 and 5
(In addition to the above)
Clear and set the table
Help out in cooking and preparing food
Carry and put away groceries

Ages 6-8

(In addition to the above)
Take care of pets (feed and water, etc.)
Put away dishes
Fold and put away laundry

A Freshana Discount
Save 20% off your total purchase with the code sister20. :)

You Can Find Freshana On

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Freshana for this product review opportunity!

Sunday, February 1

The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues... a Kids' Mystery Featuring Felines! #Giveaway

My feline-loving, mystery loving 4th grader absolutely adored this book! Read below for her very first book review and enter to win a "jewel of a giveaway" by clicking the link below the pic.

The title of this book is "The Case of the Jewel Covered Cat Statues" and it's by Cindy Vincent. It's about two cats. Their names are Buckley and Bogey. And they're also cat detectives! Buckley and Bogey are the main characters. There are also other characters but you have to read the book for yourselves to find out about them!

On a foggy Sunday morning when the sky was still dark out, Buckley and Bogey's human mom's antique store got broken into.  But nothing was stolen.  Instead, something was added.  It was a bag.  But they didn't get to open it right away.  They put the bag in Buckley's pet carrier and soon found two more clues.  They put those clues in Bogey's pet carrier.  A few days later, they finally got to open the package.  Inside was a statue made by Danby Daunton and covered in gems.  But I'm not gonna tell you what animal it was or what the statue was called because you can read the book and find out yourselves!

And I think that this was the best book ever!

And I think that this book is good for everyone to read!

Case Jewel Covered Cat Statues Cindy Vincent