The Traveling Sisterhood: Delicious Frozen Delivery #GiftIdeas

Saturday, March 7 Delicious Frozen Delivery #GiftIdeas

I was so impressed upon trying's homestyle meals!  Once in awhile, you just have to do dessert before dinner so we tried the Chocolate Ganache Cake.  Oh. My. Goodness.  We all loved it!  The cake was very moist and rich but not too rich; it was perfect. 

My Slice of Magic Kitchen's Chocolate Ganache Cake

For lunch, we had the Chicken Pot Pies.  I am a huge fan of chicken pot pie and this is by far the best one I've ever had!  Each pie is meant to be a single serving but they're quite big!  They come in both single servings (big servings, though!) and family size.  The pie was generously stuffed full with shredded chicken, gravy, and the perfect combo of veggies and spices.  The crust was the perfect doneness, golden and flaky, after cooking it in the oven.  Unfortunately, we ate these before we remembered to take pics! 

For dinner, we had the Chicken Parmigiana.  Chicken Parm is one of my very favorite dinnertime items and one of which I've quite mastered the recipe so I waas interested to try a baked version from a company.  And it was delicious!  Very delicious!  It tasted homemade and I loved it.

Dinner a la Magic Kitchen

Those are only a sampling of the delicious-looking items from  They delivered fast, everything was packaged very well, and I was impressed.  So if any of you want to know what I'd like for Mother's Day or my birthday or next Christmas, I'd love a gift from!  A zillion times better than flowers!  And Mother's Day is coming soon! 

Get free delivery through March 15th by using the promo code SISTER on any $90 and up order. They also have a Seniors Discount - $10 off an $80 purchase with the code SN10.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at Magic Kitchen for providing this food to review!


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