The Traveling Sisterhood: Terax Handcrafted Hair Care: Love it!

Sunday, January 31

Terax Handcrafted Hair Care: Love it!

My Terax conditioner, and coloring locking leave-in conditioner could not have had a more timely arrival!  At my doorstep just the day before I colored my hair for the first time in years, the timing was ideal.  I love the shampoo (perfect amount of suds and scent), love the conditioner (perfectly thick for my curly hair--it's gotta be thick or it won't do the job for me!), and love the leave-in conditioner.  It's got that color-retaining scent that's familiar and it seems to be doing the job after 3 weeks of use. 

I love the Terax "shine" leave-in conditioner!  I spritz it on on the mornings I don't wash my hair, besides every time I get out of the shower. It includes keratin which gives it instant shine that really does last all day.

Terax is a family company and really does create amazing products!  Something I can easily support!

 Their "crema" conditioner is very moisturizing and creamy and makes my hair very soft to get the brush (or my fingers) right through without any tangles.  It's perfect!

So what does "handcrafted hair care" mean?  I loved their witty definition of it so I'm going to steal it and put it here since I couldn't have said it better in my own words. ;)
"Does it mean that we carve each and every bottle, tube and cap with a pocketknife, while sitting in a rocking chair sipping some sweet tea? Of course not.  ​Does it mean that we blend our ingredients by taking turns dancing on them like an old world winemaker? You can't be serious. ​Does it mean that we all jump into the mixing tank, hold hands and run around in a circle as fast as we can until everything is dissolved? Not in a million years, although that does sound like fun.  (I agree, it does sound fun!) 

​To us, HANDCRAFTED HAIRCARE means having complete control of each and every product that comes out of our facility. ​It means that we: ​1 - Develop our own formulas from scratch, based on input from our customers, not simply a rehash of something from another brand. 2 - Test these formulas on ourselves and with our partner salons, friends and family before they make it to retail shelves.  Trust us, this is not the most glamorous part of the job. 3 - Mix and fill everything in our own production facility, with someone from our family personally handling each and every product before it goes into the box. 4 - Ship everything from one location to our distribution and retail partners.  And sometimes . . . even right to your door. 

We aren't simply a marketing company recycling tired old formulas.  We don't work with a giant contract filler in another part of the country to make our products.  We don't ship to a giant warehouse, loaded with several other beauty brands, where products sit for months on end.  We take pride in handling every part of this complex process, it's part of our history - part of our family way."

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Special thanks to the wonderful people at Terax for providing me with their products to review!


  1. yes but it looks like you had amazing hair to start with,

  2. yes but it looks like you had amazing hair to start with,

  3. I like leave in conditioners to manage my very curly hair. Looks like a good product.

  4. sounds ilike a great product and you have great hair!!

  5. Oh the "crema" conditioner sounds like something I really need! My hair gets so dry in the fall !

  6. I love hair care products! Definitely going to check this one out! I appreciate your reviews!